First Round

I have been in New York City for about a month now. So, I am on my second round -

second subway card, second rent, second phone payment and so on. 

First round was … - well it was intense. Some things- and I really want to stress that those 

are SOME things- which I did and accomplished in this first round:

I got a room in an amazing apartment on the sunny side, and no kitschy illustration here, 

I actually do live in Sunnyside. It is a neighborhood between Queens and Manhattan- 

well connected, clean, safe and extremely boring. 

About three weeks ago, I started my internship at United Nations Cartographic Section. 

I other words, I work in a department which is responsible for ALL the UN maps- 

for UN internal use as well as for public use. Yes, from time to time I spend time in printer room, 

scanning, printing and folding maps. But as long as a task involves a word “maps”, I’m happy. 

My first weeks at UN included many briefings on different issues which UNCS has to cover. 

I also attended an international UN conference, or other words I chilled in a UN conference room 

in a comfy chair and all I could think of was "is this really happening to me". 

And in the middle of this chilling in I got a year older.


And a picture of happy BAFF NewYorkers


Stay tuned,