My first Independende Day


Thanks to I have found some locals here. I hope you know this community, if not – you should. It's the best way have to find friends if you are new to some place. They are people like you – open-minded and talkative to share their experience about a city you are visiting or maybe even to give a couch to stay if you are a traveller. I had tryed this before in some cities in Europe and also for some days in New York and of course I had met travellers also in Latvia. Some of them are still good friends to me.

At this time I wanted to get to know people with whom I could hang out in my spare time at evenings or holidays here in Birmingham. So I met Andrew who is my age and a lawyer who has some sort of an Internship for one judge lady down here. And what is the best – he has studied in Netherlands, so he understands my passion about biking. After a thoughtful conversation about the life in the US and the life in Latvia he invited me for the next day event at his place – he was organizing a party for his friends to celebrate the Independence Day.


I was very happy to attend. Good that I went for shopping at that day – now I had a white shirt, blue jean shorts and red shoes to be in the right colours for the event. When I arrived I was astonished  about the great view he had on Birmingham from his apartment. Of course, I needed to take some photos. He was making homemade burgers and other young lawyer colleagues/friends came over. Of course, they were talking a lot of their job, but this would happend also when more than two biologists meet. But it was still very special for me to there. I loved the homemade burger and after we went also down to have a swim in the pool what is next to the appartments. From the pool I saw also the fireworks while some patriotic music was on the radio. This evening warmed my heart. I remembered also our Latvian Independence Day which is on November 18th. I didn't hide that  that I'm also a proud Latvian who is always celebrating this special day for our country. Also this year I will figure out something.