My first week in California

It is already a week since I am in U.S. First impressions
are lasting ones. Well I am lucky because my first impression of USA and
California is so fantastic. California welcomed me with beautiful bright, sunny
weather and bountiful orange trees that made me smile.  I am staying in
Mountain View  till I will find my own place in Sunnyvale.

It took 3 flights for me to get to California. My luggage
and I arrived safely in San Francisco on Thursday evening  after leaving
on Thursday morning. I expierenced no jet-lag at all! Seems that I was too
tired after ~20 hour flight to feel the time difference.

My first days here were very active ones. Here are two more Latvians from BAFF with whom I went to the football game at Stanford having no
clue what are the rules of the game. Next day I found myself with panda eyes
from watching American football in sunglasses – good problem to have in October

Next day three of us went to Edgewood National Park for
hiking. A lot of lizards on our way.

Oh, and I have got a new American name. Americans call me
Sunny because it is too hard for them to pronounce and remember my real name-Sanita.
They say this name also characterises my personality. Well-I don`t mind they
call me Sunny 🙂 It is all about sun
so far: sunny weather outside, gonna live in Sunnyvale and have a new name –

Besides enjoying California by all my heart I am also
getting ready to start my internship. But till that I have to find a place to
live. Last days feeling like a desperate houswife without house refreshing websites of
housing. But I am sure that the right place to call home will appear very soon.

Yeah, and one more thing about my new start here. I got an
advise from American man before moving to USA. He told me: "whatever is
going to happen to you in Silicon Valley just stay yourself at the end of the
day". So I bought a book "Soul&Silicon" here about real
stories, souls and spirits in the computer technology capital of the world:
Silicon Valley, California – a place that offers little time for soul

Ready for my professional and personal journey here in
Silicon Valley, California!

Warm regards,