BAFF Alumni Council

Agneska Avin

Program Development Committee

Country: Lithuania
Field: Cultural Studies, Social Anthropology
BAFF Program: Professional Internship – 2016

“I believe that being part of the BAFF Alumni Council as institutionalized and formalized participation in and for the BAFF program will help to serve the community and commit myself to the development of BAFF Alumni community.”

Professor Kęstutis Jarašiūnas

Country: Lithuania
Field: Physics
BAFF Program: Research Scholar – 2011


“I learned that BAFF Alumni in home countries need a meaningful activity which will bind them into a team. Therefore, I propose to involve the BAFF Alumni into deeper awareness in society, society-related democratic processes, and into solving arising problems through more active participation in life.”


Līna Kārkliņa

Country: Latvia
Field: International Relations
BAFF Program: Professional Internship – 2014

“I expect a forming of a strong team, willing to work and lead, and I would like to be a part of this team as many great ideas that lacked resources and perhaps courage when acting alone, could finally come to life.”



Katheriin Liibert

Country: Estonia
Field: Social Anthropology
BAFF Program: Professional Internship – 2014

“Ever-growing in numbers, I know the community of BAFF Alumni is a diverse, well-educated and ambitious group of young professionals. I believe there is potential in the Alumni community that we can still unlock.”



Kristina Belikova

Alumni Engagement and Marketing Committee

Country: Lithuania
Field: Journalism/Communications/Diplomacy & Political Studies
BAFF Program: Professional Internship – 2016

“The Alumni Council, in my opinion, was decided to be created just at the right moment in time and will give the BAFF community a whole new boost of energy, will boost involvement and bring its activities to a new level.”


Zane Dziļuma

Country: Latvia
Field: Economics
BAFF Program: Professional Internship – 2014.

“I see the BAFF alumni community as a powerful platform where development of the professional skills of the alumni members can be combined with actively engaging in community service and therefore creating value both for society and ourselves.”


Henrijs Kalkis

Country: Latvia
Field: Business Management
BAFF Program: Research Scholar – 2018

“I believe BAFF will become the leading organization in Baltic countries with strong alumni support and I would like to serve and give also my input with my academic and professional experience in developing a strong alumni network, alumni related skills and competences, develop programs, joint events, international conferences etc.”


Justinas Lapienis

Country: Lithuania

Field: Consulting project manager, public policy researcher, pro bono NGO adviser, product manager
BAFF Program: Graduate 2014-2015

“Community and vibrant networks are among the most powerful forces for positive societal and personal impact. I believe that shared goals and values of BAFF community are among the cornerstones towards mature and vibrant Baltic States”


Lauris Grāvelis

Event Management, Financial Planning, and Oversight

Country: Latvia
Field: Financial Economics
BAFF Program: Professional Internship – 2013

“High attendance rates and alumni involvement in alumni activities makes me feel proud that our BAFF community is ever-hungry for new knowledge, networking and doing business together.”


Rūta Labalaukytė

Country: Lithuania
Field: Management and Marketing
BAFF Program: Professional Internship – 2014

“BAFF Alumni have a personal relation with BAFF and they can be the most loyal supporters of the organization locally and internationally. If kept informed and engaged, they can offer tremendous promotion for BAFF through their personal and professional networks.”


Ilona Markunaite

Field: Economics, Accounting and Audit
BAFF Program: Professional Internship – 2011

“Through my participation in Council I would like to learn how to see, hear and feel what is needed for each and every member of BAFF community and develop my skills to bring these needs together for the common good.”



Rõõt Palmiste

Field: Public Health
BAFF Program: Professional Internship – 2018

“Being around BAFF alumni, meeting new people and hearing what they do always gives me a motivational boost. As a result of a result of a very thorough selection of BAFF scholars, there is now a great group of ambitious, determined and successful people and it is an honor to be part of this group.”


Alumni Country Presidents 2013-2019