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Mai-Liis Metstak_Prii

My industries / fields of interest are mostly in Operations management and Supply chain management, but also Communication/PR, Marketing, Social marketing. I’m self-disciplined and great in my organizational skills. My strengths are teamwork, stakeholder management, event/project management. I’ve had a couple of sessions as a mentee 2 years ago and was trained as “mentor” myself at that time. It was an inter-company training where I became a mentor for new joiners in the company. Considering I’ve had only positive experiences so far with mentoring, I am interested to invest time and dedicate myself to it once more and on a more continuous basis (past experiences have been more ad hoc).

I would like to build self-confidence in a way that I am able to enjoy my everyday work and start building my career towards team management positions. There are two topics I am concerned about or interested in: 1) building self-confidence in what I do to be able to do it well and in a way that brings me joy, and 2) what other fields I might want to explore in the future? I feel I need a discussion partner to find clarity in those topics and perhaps work on some exercises and tools to get to that clarity. In order to grow and gain self-confidence I’m ready to be open and honest about my struggles.

I would like to have an open relationship with my mentor. It might help to have someone who has gone through a burnout or seen it closely but it’s not a must. I went through it myself in 2014 so it might be relevant for some conversations we have. 

In my free time I enjoy music (I sing in a choir, go to live concerts and listen to a lot of music online), so maybe someone who can relate to enjoying music could help as well – but again, not a must.

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Sonja Vainere

I‘m still studying at high school. I took part in Virtual Leadeship Academy Program in 2021. Industries/ fields of my interest are in Art, Science/Research, Entrepreneurship, Business, Management, Law.  

My strengths are in creative thinking, discipline, ability to multi-task, flexibility. 

I do not have previous mentorship experience. I expect to have a mentor whom I can trust, who is honest and respectful. I believe that we can help each other to grow and accomplish our goals. I hope that my mentor will share with me relevant knowledge and expertise, display positivity, provide feedback. I can bring to this relationship discipline and my ability to process things quickly, as well as being open-minded. I see mentoring relationship as an opportunity to learn. 

I hope to become more empowered to make decisions about my future studies, what I want to do in my life. I strongly believe that mentoring can help me with developing communication skills. I’m looking to get practical advices that could help me grow professionally. I’m encouraged to take part in this program because it can help to develop my skills. 

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Elizabete Laivina

Currently I’m studying Nutrition and Biomedicine at the university. Industries of my expertise are in Science/research, Nutrition, Biomedicine, Anti-aging. I’m interested in Management, Entrepreneurship, Biomedicine, Anti-aging, Longevity.

I have just started a new “chapter” in my life and am a bit overwhelmed and confused by all the responsibilities, opportunities, experiences and dreams I encounter on a daily basis. From the mentorship program I would expect to gain some advice and support in choosing the right steps to grow and advance in my career. I do know what I would like to do, but I am seeking someone with more experience to help me figure out how to get there. I would like to have an experienced person who knows how to advance in a career, what needs to be done and what goals should be achieved. I would want my mentor to be supportive and at the same time keep me accountable in the planning, researching and goal setting process.

My aim is to set a plan for the next 5 years, including main milestones and goals that would allow me to develop the career I am dreaming about. I believe this mentorship program would be very beneficial and helpful, because, firstly, I would have to do the research and spend some time thinking and reflecting on my values, goals and dreams (which on a daily basis is not something I always spend enough time on). Secondly, I would have a person that holds me accountable and helps me find the “dots” that need to be connected and set the goals that need to be achieved in order to get a step closer to my dream career.

For me the industry of my mentor does not really matter. The most important factor would be that he/she is willing to advise and guide me through the process of understanding what I need to do during my Master studies to be ready for the job market after I finish my studies.

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Sabine Surna

Currently I am a student in Stockholm School of Economics; therefore, I spend a lot of my time learning about finance, economics, financial analysis, marketing, consumer behavior and research. Industries of my interests are in Economics, Communication/PR, Marketing, Art, Social marketing, Management, Entrepreneurship, Start-up life, Fashion, Sports, Music, Event organizing. My strengths are in being consistent with plans and promises, provide honest feedback, stay calm in stressful situations, be approachable and open to challenging circumstance, take on the responsibility and sometimes also make people laugh.

I want to work with consistency with my goals, how to set them, how to enter the labor market, where could I seek for opportunities in my fields of interest. I am a person whose goals change quite rarely. I would also be happy if I could find an interesting internship opportunity. One of my main goal from mentoring is to be challenged and asked the “hard” questions so that I can understand in which way to go. 

I expect to meet an awesome human-being who is approachable and very easy to talk to. I feel like I want a mentor who is ‘pushy’ and would challenge me. Someone who has an ability to say things the way they are and be honest with even if I don’t want to hear the truth. I genuinely want my mentor just simply be a good person with an experience in any of my indicated fields of interest or expertise.

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Tina Rubeze

I‘m still studying at high school. I took part in Virtual Leadeship Academy Program in 2021.  My strenghts are in idea building, creativity, social media management, public speaking. I worked in marketing agency as a social media manager and event photographer for half a year. I’m volunteering at the program “Future Heroes“ at Latvia’s Education center. In my free time helping for primary school students to do their homework. Industries of my interests are in Economics, Communication/PR, Marketing, Management, Entrepreneurship.

I would like to have a better outlook on my options what to study and a clarity for the next steps of my professional career. I would like to learn new skills, to get a chance to improve my management skills, opportunity to expand my network and get new connections. 

I need support in setting my goals. I expect that my mentor will give me new perspectives and will lead me to new goals, will help me with career choice, and perhaps with my university applications.

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Davis Benefelds

Industries of my interests are in Finance, IT, Management, Entrepreneurship. I’m strong in problem solving, I can quickly adapt to new situations, managing the work of a team. I tend to be highly productive when around motivated people.

I want the relationship to go both ways, so that the process would be interesting and beneficial for me and the mentor. My goal is getting rid of my indecisiveness by the pressure of my mentor to make a clear and justified decision in various situations. I would like to improve my personality traits, like leadership and persuasiveness – all the advices about training opportunities, how to practice them or how to evaluate the progress with different exercises are more than welcome. 

I expect my mentor to be very open-minded and wanting to help, to understand better my points of view and my ideas. However, I expect my mentor to be critical to me because criticism and/or advice helps me better understand what is wrong or in which direction I should be working towards. It would be beneficial if my mentor would have some background in Entrepreneurship as this is an industry where I see myself in the future. I’m building a musician booking platform and regular feedback about the progress and direction I’m moving in would help a lot.

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Roberts Ralfs Varslavs

Industries of my interests are in Economics, Finance, Communication/PR, Consulting, Marketing, Real Estate, International relationships, International development, Law, Management, Entrepreneurship, NGO. My strengths are patience, perseverance, and a bit of perfectionism in learning academically, doing case studies. I am interested in most things relevant to Economics, Business and Consulting.

I wish to improve my soft skills – leadership and social skills – to be able to fully recognize and pursue opportunities in my life. This would be crucially important in my studies and my enrollment into the Latvian job market later. Key insights, wisdom and networking opportunities made acquirable with the help of the mentor could help me with determination, making better decisions regarding me, my social circle and the wider community.

I believe that my social and leadership skills could be improved by learning from the mentor, him/her being an accountability partner. I would like to improve my productivity and leadership skills by reflection and discussion with the mentor. I expect the mentor to be talkative and a good listener. I would love acquiring unique industry, get field insights from my mentor.

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Katrina Gandzjuka

I‘m studying IT (programming) at Riga state technical school-RVT. I took part in Virtual Leadeship Academy Program in 2021. Industries/ fields of my expertise and interest are in IT, Engineering, Management. I am communicative, open-minded, curious, enthusiastic and hardworking.

I do not have previous mentorship experience. I hope to find someone who can suggest how I can develop new skills, how I could use my strengths and guide through career paths to help me to find my own way to move forward. I hope that my mentor would be understanding, enthusiastic and ready to help.

I study programming, but I want to learn more about Management and IT. I like programming a lot, but I don’t see myself clearly as a future programmer. Regardless I would love to work and grow in the field of technology and would love to find the way to do that.

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Annija Karkliniece

I‘m still studying at high school. Currently I am a foreign exchange student in the U.S. I took part in Virtual Leadeship Academy Program in 2021. Industries/ fields of my interest are in Communication/PR, Cinema/Audiovisual, Art, International relationships, International development, Governance/public service, NGO, Music, Diplomacy, History, Sociology, Psychology, Geography, Contemporary issues. My strengths are in diligence, willpower, positive and responsible attitude. I will do things as best as I can do. 

I do not have previous mentorship experience. I would like to have a better outlook on my options and an idea what I would like to do after high school. I need guidance to figure out my life’s journey. I think that I need some encouragement. I hope to have strong bond with my mentor. I expect that my mentor is understanding, empathetic, welcoming and flexible.

I’m trilingual, I can play piano, know a lot of historical and other facts. I hope that my mentor and I will share some mutual interests. I would like to hear more about BAFF and what kind of benefits it offers for alumni community.

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Aiste Jurkonyte

Currently I’m studying Medicine at the university. Industries/ fields of my expertise and interest are in Science/Research, Medicine, Bio-medicine. I’m ambitious and very career oriented, fluent in time management.

I do not have previous mentorship experience. My main goal is to make connections at Lithuanian/Baltic states hospitals/medicine centers, exchange ideas about scientific projects, learn about opportunities for medical students abroad. Leadership Academy was one of the most amazing things that happened to me. I am very grateful to be a part of BAFF community. I am sure that this program will help me in my career path. Actually, I hope that one day I will be not a mentee, but a mentor!

I expect to be matched with someone who could guide me in this quite hectic medical/scientific field. I hope to hear stories about how they started their career, where they did their practices/residency studies/scientific research projects and what should I do to follow their steps. If someone could show where they work or even suggest an internship – it would be amazing. Preferably, but not necessary, my mentors should be medical doctor in obstetrics and gynecology field.

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Ieva Butauskaite

I‘m still studying at high school. I took part in Virtual Leadeship Academy Program in 2021. Industries/ fields of my interest are in Architecture. My personal strengths are in communicability, empathy, logical thinking, time management, event management.

I do not have previous mentorship experience. My goal is to become an architect. I hope to find a way to achieve my goal without stress. I take a lot of classes that could help me to reach my goal. I hope my mentor will do a great job and I will be able to learn from his/her experience. I would like to hear how my mentor achieved his/her goals. My mentor should be positive and a great motivator, empathic.

I created my own music, the soundtrack for radio theater, furniture design for my home. I like to organize events, help people. I have experience working with children. I was a volunteer at the Old Town Children’s Day Center. I’m passionate about psychology, analyzing people’s behavior, I love self-analysis (including my own dreams). I enjoy interior design, photography, learning languages.

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Ugne Seputyte

I‘m still studying at high school. I took part in Virtual Leadeship Academy Program in 2021. Industries/ fields of my interest are in Finance, Communication/PR, Marketing, Art, Science/research, Real Estate, Management, Entrepreneurship. I am a very communicative and organized person.

I do not have previous mentorship experience. My goal is to run my own business one day, so mentoring could be a step towards developing my network and could help me to get insights from my mentor on ways how I could achieve my goal. Since I am interested in creating my own business, a person of design, business, finance or even psychology would be a great match for me. I want to develop a bigger professional network. Also, I want to create a beneficial friendship with my mentor.

I have at least basic knowledge about almost everything to keep our conversation going in various areas of interest. Additionally, I enjoy learning about human’s behavior and reasoning of action.

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Andrius Kriukas

I‘m studying IT management and I work as IT Project Manager at Telesoftas in Vilnius, Lithuania. I took part in Leadeship Academy Program in 2014. Industries/ fields of my expertise as well as interest are in IT, Team/Project Management. My professional strengths are in understanding of development processes, account management, project management. My personal strengths: attention to details, communication, organization.

I do not have previous mentorship experience. I realize that there is so much space for my improvement and growth as a professional in the industry of IT management. Therefore, I want to know how to grow and hope that by participating in this program I can get a support. I have a goal to gain more knowledge and be able to plan better how I can improve as a project manager in IT. I expect from my mentor to get advice on what to learn, where to apply/look for experience. I hope that my mentor will be experienced manager in IT industry and that he/she is passionate about information technology.

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Lukas Gudelis

I‘m still studying at high school. I took part in Virtual Leadeship Academy Program in 2021.  Despite that I am a high school student, I have got a myriad of experiences of work with communities and youth in various NGO’S. Also, plenty of experience “student” jobs in constructions, hot air ballooning or farming. I would describe myself as an energetic, creative, and proactive young person. My strengths are in management of projects, leading non-formal education groups, problem-solving, analytical and future oriented thinking. 

My expectation for this mentorship experience is to have a ‘partner in crime’, that would share his/her knowledge and skills, could help me to have a better outlook on my options and an idea what I would like to do after high school. My goal is to choose studies. I would like to study Economics and Data Analytics, although there are many alternative options, such as Sociology, Business, Marketing and Sales.

Preferably, I would like to connect with mentor who is working in these fields: Economics, Marketing, IT, Management. It would be nice if my mentor could share experience and skills, insights or practical tips that helped him/her to become who they are.

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Leja Povilaityte

I‘m studying at National M. K. Čiurlionis School of Art in Lithuania. I took part in Virtual Leadeship Academy Program in 2021. Industries/ fields of my interest are in Finance, Marketing, Science/research, International relationships, Law. I am communicative, honest, creative, patient, enthusiastic and disciplined person.

Participation in the Leadership Academy showed me different ways of learning. It helped me to understand how to create new ideas and find interesting solutions. Now, I want to continue learning and deepen my knowledge, how to make my ideas work and understand the process. Also, because I am in my last year of school, I want to clear out my interests, that I could make the best decisions for my future.

I want to understand better the business, international relationships, and marketing fields. Also, I would like to learn more about research and science projects. I hope this mentorship will help me to understand what I want and how I can gain knowledge to be competitive in the labor market.

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