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Tiina Partel

My industries of expertise are in Entrepreneurship, Design, Marketing, and International relationships. My fields of expertise are mainly in product-based businesses. I also have experience in organizing live and online seminars, creating podcasts, building newsletter flows, content marketing with SEO, and networking in general. My strengths professionally are good communication and listening skills, big-picture strategic thinking, helping others to get clear on their goals, while understanding their mindset blocks.

From the mentorship relationship, I expect to have good communication with my mentee. I can help you look at things from different perspectives thanks to various NLP and design thinking techniques that I have used myself. I expect my mentee to be open-minded and interested in self-growth.

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Maarja Tsimmer

I have several years of work experience in multicultural environments and working with people from different countries and backgrounds. In addition to my day-to day work I provide marketing and strategy consultation services and teach related courses. My work experience has been connected to the following industries: Tourism, Marketing and branding, Employer Branding, Digital Marketing, Consulting, Project Management.

I have been extremely lucky to have had several excellent mentors and I feel that now it’s my turn to pay it forward. It’s always beneficial to have a clear goal in mind for any activity and mentoring is no different – how else can you measure your progress as a mentee? Mentoring is all about figuring out together the best ways to achieve your goals and a mentor is someone whose hindsight can become your foresight. 

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Agnese Zimele

My industries of expertise are in Consulting, Marketing, International relationships, International development, Governance/ public service, Physical science. I don’t call myself an expert in one specific field but over the years, I have accumulated experience in multiple areas, such as market research (especially in the field of export), content marketing, freelance writing (finding a gig as a freelance writer), and physical science (more specifically running and how to make it a part of your lifestyle).

I’m a fast learner and I quickly adapt to new environments, teams, circumstances. I have very often been thrown into tasks I’m not used to and have had to find my way out. I do enjoy digging deep into a topic and looking for new, creative solutions especially when it comes to strategizing and creating written and visual content. I have very good relationships with the written word in multiple languages.

From the mentorship relationship I expect mutual trust, honesty, and respect. The mentee should have some level of interest in the fields I have most experience in, but other than that it would be nice (but not obligatory) if we could talk about sports, traveling, and some great books on the side.

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Inese Mazarevica

My work experience has been connected to the following industries: Finance, IT, Management, Construction, Restaurants, Entrepreneurship. I enjoy challanges in the problem-solving, process improvements, financial modeling & simulation areas.

I have been mentoring SSE Riga 1st year students for the last 3 years. And while I don’t have particular expectation for this mentorship relationship, I would like to be a useful sparring partner to someone and share my experience/views where relevant. Mentee with down-to-earth personality and non-conformist mindset would work well with my general approach to life.

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Martins Hirss

My industries of experties are in Communication/PR, Consulting, Science/research, Social marketing, International relationships, NGO. My fields of expertise are in US foreign policy, Russian disinformation, critical thinking and media literacy. My professional strengths are in Academic research, PR, event organization, project and NGO management, lecturing and public speaking.

I’ll be able to give tips and recommendations as well as answer any questions about working in the fields of US foreign policy, Russian disinformation, critical thinking and media literacy. Ideally the mentee should be interested in the fields I am working in. 

I love playing board games and cycling. Maybe that is something additional to what we can do when we meet.

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Sintija Erte

My industries of expertise are in Engineering, Consulting, Management, Architecture. My fields of expertise are in Architecture, Design, Art, Concept creation, Project management. My professional strengths are in architecture and design, conceptual thinking, vision, intuition, working on couple of things at the same time, decision making, critical thinking, public speech, problem solving, compromise solutions, time management, planning, high work maintenance.

I am an active, hard-working and creative person with versatile skills. My interests start with architecture, design, art, VR, entrepreneurship, investments, photography, traveling, music and go far beyond newest technology advances. I am very communicative and empathic. I can help with future path decisions and prioritizing priorities. I am open to all kinds of mentees. I believe that the more you do, the more you can do!

I hope I can share some useful knowledge along with my experience to develop my mentee’s personal and professional growth. I would be more than happy to motivate, inspire and help someone with important life decisions.

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Igor Shepelev

I am a food chemistry researcher with experience working on academic and industry projects. After receiving my Ph.D. in 2019, I had the pleasure of working at the Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies as a Food Scientist on several new product development programs. I am currently a Postdoctoral Research Associate at the University of Minnesota researching chemical interactions between protein and flavor compounds, while still remaining a part-time employee of my Latvian university.

By signing up for this wonderful program, I would be happy to share my experience in the field of academia and guide mentees on their career paths.

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Egils Markus

I’m Architect/Co-Founder/Entrepreneur at SIA Free Architecture, Riga, Latvia ( My industry is Real Estate/Construction, and my fields of expertise are in architecture, urban planning, 3D scanning, VR and spatial planning/documentation. To keep it short – I want to make best possible experience of the built enviroment.

I would like to share my knowledge and experience to get to know new talented people. My mentee should be interested in cutting edge-technologies, hardworking, willing to develop personal skill set and of course making future a better place to live in.

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Liene Krekovska

My work experience has been connected to the following industries: Communication/PR, Marketing, International relationships, Management. Fields of my expertise are in Advertising, Fashion, International trade. My professional strengths are in project management, account management, communication and international sales.

I don’t have previous mentorship experience, but I am surely willing to gain such experience. I hope to be helpful and lead a young, motivated professionals.

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Inguna Asnevica

My industries of experties are in Finance, Consulting, International relationships, Project Management. My fields of expertise are in Project Management, Analytics, Financial Markets. My professional strengths are in client trainings/consulting, presentation skills, project management, managing teams from cross departments, cross cultures relationship building, analytical skills.

I took part in internal corporate mentorship program within my company as a mentor, as well I was mentoring new hires. My expectation for this mentorship experience is to meet a motivated BAFFer who needs guidance and support in either their current role or the search of a new one.

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Viktorija Vastakaite Kairiene

My industry of experties is in Science/Research. My fields of expertise are in Biochemistry and Agronomy. I‘m very responsible person.

I was as a mentor in BAFF Alumni Mentorship pilot program. My expectation for this mentorship experience is to help young students/researchers to find their way in science. I enjoy reading, writing, travelling. It can be good starting points for our conversations.

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Vilma Petrikaite

My industry of experties is in Science/Research. My fields of expertise are in Science (in general), Biomedical research. I am a creative and determined person, very good at motivation and organization.

I was mentoring pupils at Summer School in Lithuania, also Bachelor, Master and PhD students, several scholars coming to do research in our lab. In my opinion, we managed to work as a team and achieve the goals of small projects. We are still maintaining relationships with many of my previous mentees.

I expect to contribute to the motivation of young people and to improve my own personal skills. Interest of mentee in biomedical research could be important, but not necessary. The most important thing could be a desire to change the world, contribute to the wellness of others.

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Ruta Labalaukyte

My industries of expertise are in Consulting, Marketing, International development, Management, Governance/public service, Entrepreneurship, NGO. My fields of expertise are in International development and Business. My professional strengths are in high complexity project management.

I had a mentor during Values Based Leadership courses organized by Scouts of Sweden in 2013-2014, I had mentees during my time at Invest in Lithuania 2016-2019. From this mentorship relationship I expect to have a giving and receiving relationship where both parties share their opinions and can direct each other towards better solutions.

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Indre Kurkulyte

My industry of expertise is IT. My field of expertise is in Product Management. My professional strengths are communication (with partners, stakeholders, engineers, client success managers), research skills, organization, product management. 

Feeling lost? Not sure which career path would be the best, in the world of endless possibilities? Let’s meet to talk! I have been in the exact same place a few years ago, when after completing my master’s degree I found myself completely lost. While finding my path, I made some turns and maybe some mistakes, so let me share my learnings, so you don’t repeat the same mistakes :))

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