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Siim Nopri

My fields of expertise are in Energy, Finance, Engineering, Consulting, Management. My professional strengths are in structured approach and relationship management.

It will be my first mentorship experience. From this mentorship relationship I expect to meet an interesting person. Although it would be interesting and educational to talk to people from a very different field, it may not be very practical for my mentee to be from a very different industry because I may not be able to offer as much as to someone from a similar specialty such as engineering. 

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Liisi Org

I’m a natural people person with experience in startup community development, project management, and working in the startup & public sector. With over 10+ years of experience in project and events management and someone who’s highly passionate about education innovation, startup mindset, and international collaborations, I also enjoy giving back to the community by mentoring future founders and young entrepreneurs and I’m all about connecting the right people with each other.

I’m currently the  Startup Ecosystem Development Manager at Startup Estonia, a government initiative aimed to supercharge the Estonian startup ecosystem in order to be the birthplace of many more startup success stories to come. My fields of expertise are community development and management, partnerships and international relationships, governance/public service, entrepreneurship, education management, project management, customer success. Personally, I am very open-minded and a great listener. I’m also pretty straightforward with people.

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Inkeri Parman

My fields of expertise are in Startups, Software, B2B, Communication/PR, Business Consulting. Also, I have a ton of experience in student/university activism (student organizations, grant applications, membership development, etc.). My professional strengths are in public speaking, communication management, training and learning management, organization development, project management, event management, time management, team leadership, SaaS, B2B, business strategy, partnerships, research, customer success, community management.

Previously I have been a mentor and mentee. From this mentorship relationship I expect interest from the mentee in the same fields that I have expertise in, and initiative.

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Gerda Raag

My fields of expertise are in Law. My professional strengths are in time and stress management, communication, analytical and problem-solving skills.

I’ve had two different mentorship experiences. The first one was in university where an older student (who was in the same student organization) took me under her wing. The other experience concerns being mentored at work. In this mentorship relationship I expect to share my experience and aid others in the process of beginning their career (while staying sane). The mentee should be interested in the program and being mentored. 

It is not necessary for the mentee to know for certain, what they wish to do in the future (and it doesn’t have to concern law). I’d like the mentor-mentee relationship to be more like a good friendship, where both people can discuss topics that matter to them, than an older person telling the younger one what to do with their life.

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Juris Baldunciks

My fields of expertise are in sales, telecommunications, smart mobile products & management consulting. My professional strengths are creativity within corporate environments, versatility & continuous learning.

I can be most helpful for someone interested in the business aspects of telecommunications, smartphones and IT in general, or someone who is looking for guidance in study path (I have gone through all levels of business academia – Bachelors, Masters, PHD). 

Previously I had non-formal experience in mentorship – consultation and advice to fellow students & colleagues in my field of experience. From this mentorship relationship I expect getting to know new people, helping them and helping myself to grow.

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Rolands Bogdanovs

My fields of expertise are Economics, Consulting, Law, Management, Governance/public service, Entrepreneurship. My professional strengths are in Leadership, Public speaking, Negotiations, Presentation skills, Argumentation and Strategy. It would be cool if we shared some hobbies or interests, I got a few: martial arts (tae kwon do), traveling, photography, beach volleyball, tennis, tech/innovations. 

I have mentored students, colleagues and 100+ young entrepreneurs (startup creators) through my participation in acceptance committees of startup incubators and management of 3 municipal entrepreneurial support programs.

I expect initiative and drive from the mentee, as well as clarity with regards to questions that he/she needs answers for, there should also be general understanding of the direction he/she is heading.

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Jekabs Dambergs

My fields of expertise are in Economics, Finance, IT, Management, and Entrepreneurship. My professional strengths are in business development, B2B sales, relationship management, SaaS products, public speaking. I can be most helpful for someone interested in building a business or working with tech companies.

In my previous workplaces and business I have mentored new employees. Mentored early-stage startup teams in incubators and hackathons. From this mentorship relationship I expect to connect with other alumni, share my knowledge/ experience, that can help someone grow and improve mentorship abilities.

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Lauris Gravelis

My fields of expertise are in Finance, IT, and Management. My professional strengths are startups, management and leadership.

I have mentored students at SSE Riga. From this mentorship relationship I expect open-mindedness, dialogue, asking questions, humbleness; to establish relationships to share professional experience, learnings, and challenges time to time over a pint of beer.

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Janis Jatnieks

My fields of expertise are in IT, Consulting, Management and Entrepreneurship. My professional strengths are in building a business, attracting funding, sales and deal closing. I am a very technology-oriented person, always being up to date with newest gadgets and technology advances. I am outgoing, like going to gym and on regular runs. I can talk passionately about the things I do, which at the moment is industrial grade 3D printing.

I have mentored new students at Stockholm School of Economics in Riga, as well non-formal consultation and advice. I hope I can share meaningful experiences and insights in what I do and that they would help my mentee to grow personally and professionally.

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Kristiana Karklina

My fields of expertise are Art, Management and NGO. My professional strengths are in Experience design, art production, fundraising. I would like to mentor mentees from the field of arts or creative industries (architecture, design, fashion, visual arts, graphic design), open minded, honest about life goals, punctual. 

I’ve been a mentor for creative industries entrepreneurs for 3 years at Magnetic creative industries incubator. I would like to help young creative professionals develop their careers and share my knowledge.

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Krisjanis Mazurs

I have five years of entrepreneurial, product, and academic experience in design. I am currently a Head Teaching Assistant in the Mechanical Engineering department at Stanford University, where I’m also finishing up my graduate degree in Design Impact.

I mentor international students on their university, scholarship, and job applications, and am happy to work with applicants from any background.

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Baiba Orbidāne

Experience managing and overseeing legal processes in an international, fast growing, 1400+ employee company, as well as leading an in-house Legal team. Highly experienced in corporate law, dispute resolution processes (including mediation and litigation) in various jurisdictions and intellectual property law. 

I would highly prefer candidates with a legal background so he/she could use the most out of my experience and I would be able to help with some specific career/industry related insights.

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Artis Riepnieks

My areas of expertise are in Energy, IT, Engineering, Science/ Research. I have been developing skills in systems thinking, problem-solving, leadership (team-lead, task-lead), innovation, and research. 

I have received outstanding mentorship throughout my career, and I’m currently mentoring a couple of new hires within the company. The mentor-mentee interactions build a bi-directional relationship, exchange ideas, and expand views.

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Jevgenija Ešvovičiūtė

My fields of expertise are Consulting and Human Resources. My professional strengths are in consulting, career consulting (resume, cover letter, job interview), leaders’ consulting (working with employees, motivation and etc.), recruitment, trainings, events , Lithuanian labour law and other HR areas. Last year, I launched a project in Lithuanian on Instagram @laisvakede where I am sharing career recommendations.

I am a mentor in dialogue program. I had 5 mentees. It is important that the mentee has a clear plan and expectations where they would like to grow. Then I can give him or her maximum.

I am eager to share my knowledge and experience in the HR field and job search. I am ready to mentor those who: 1. would like to deepen their knowledge in HR (for example, managers or employees – relationship in the team, motivation, etc.); 2. need a consultant in their career path; or 3. would like to practice public speaking.

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Julija Frodina

My field of expertise is Art. I would like to share my personal experience.

My previous mentorship experience includes mentorship in the American Embassy mentorship program and Mentorship in Vilnius International School mentorship program. 

For the last 6 years I was working as a teacher in school or tutor in a college. I think it is really important to share the knowledge and a personal experience with young people willing to learn more about some subject. I am very passionate about my creative processes and have quite enough knowledge and experience to motivate other people.

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Goda Gausaite

My fields of expertise are in Finance, Private Equity and NGO sector. My professional strengths comprise analytic, negotiation and networking skills. I believe that my experience could be relevant for a mentee interested in a career in finance/private equity, especially women whose growing involvement is increasingly demanded by the industry. I would be happy to consult on personal development strategies, mindset and discuss the required professional and personal skillset which I found to be useful in my own career path so far. Previously I have been a 3-term mentee at Lithuanian Big Brother Big Sister project.

I hope to contribute to the young professional’s development, provide required guidance or encouragement, and share accumulated experience especially within the finance / private equity industry.

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Aivaras Grisius

My fields of expertise are in Corporate Banking, Fintech and Financial markets. My professional strengths are in determination, result orientation, analytic thinking, out of the box thinking, persuasion, diplomacy. 

I do not have mentoring experience, but I was a mentee in my first career role enjoyed every single piece of that experience. From this mentorship relationship I expect to exchange ideas with like-minded individual(s) and get inspired by inspiring others, to have a good time while making productive discussions that help with peoples personal and professional careers. I believe that most important is positive attitude and willingness to take the most out of the mentorship program.

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Arturas Jukna

My fields of expertise are in Science and Research. I am a scientist and teacher of physics. 

Previously I had non-formal experience in mentorship – consultation and advice in my field of experience. From this mentorship relationship I expect communication with people, finding new researchers, working in similar field of research in laboratories of universities in Lithuania and abroad.

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Evelina Korvel

My fields of experience are in IT, Marketing, Management, Entrepreneurship, NGO. My professional strengths are: ability to analyze situations, see nuances, identify potential shortcomings, and modify as needed; build trust-based relationships; pick up and absorb information quickly; coordinate people and resources for maximum effectiveness; notice and appreciate each person’s unique characteristics. I’m interesting in coaching, change management, People & Culture, agile, and process improvements.

I have experience in mentoring on topics of career progression, digital marketing, and adaptation to the new culture. I have 3-years’ experience mentoring international professionals/ students who relocated to Lithuania, 1-year experience mentoring marketing graduate and 1-year – in career mentorship. 

From this mentorship relationship I expect to maintain confidentiality between one another, to show up when agreed or adjust if needed, and to be open and have mutual respect.

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Egle Kybartaite

My fields of expertise are in Biotechnology/Pharmaceuticals. My professional strengths are in B2B sales, product management, leadership, business management, communication and negotiation, critical and analytical thinking, problem-solving, management of stressful situations. 

I can be most helpful for someone interested in Biotech/Pharma industries. I hope that my mentee will be brave to accept the risk, motivated, open-minded, flexible, result driven, and outside of the box thinker. If he or she is active not just in professional life, but in a free time as well – would be wonderful. I prefer mentee from my own country of residence. 

From this mentorship relationship I expect to encourage people to pursue their dreams and move forward, share my professional and personal experiences that can help people to understand themselves and their professional path.  Want to provide people the right support when to go through decision making. Also, I want to find new connections that can bring invaluable experience to me. I want to gain the required skills for mentoring.

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Justinas Lapienis

My fields of expertise are in Public Policy, Research and Product Development. My professional strengths are in problem solving, communication and team/initiative leadership. I would be more than happy to share my experience with mentees interested in European/global public policy, consulting, social enterprises, and the other similar fields. My experience may be relevant to mentees pursuing goals in project management, research, consulting and team leadership, and in relevant careers.

I have been 2 times mentee in LT Big Brother program, 1 time mentor in Big Brother program and 3 times mentor in a professional setup. From the BAFF mentorship experience, I would like to work on hands on process, where I could be of use to a person who is aspiring to kick off one careers or is aiming at accelerating personal or professional goals.

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Dovile Meliauskaite

I have a generalist skillset in project management and a mindset to apply myself to new areas and complex topics, from investor relations and scientific research to public administration and start-ups. My professional strengths are research and stakeholder management. I have experience in Economics, Finance, Governance/Public Service, Entrepreneurship and NGO. 

I believe anyone looking to set out on a (new) career or study path would be a great match for me. I hope to create space to explore their options in a low-pressure yet encouraging learning environment through this mentoring relationship.

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Sandra Ovcinikova

My fields of expertise are IT, governance/public service and NGO sector, social corporate responsibility. I would like to mentor alumni with social science background who are considering or trying to get into business or IT. In addition, I can advise people in private sector who would like to switch to non-governmental/social sectors, and people interested in corporate social responsibility.

I have been mentoring junior team members at my work for a while now, volunteered with rural school students in Lithuania and had been a full-time volunteer working with underprivileged youth in Portugal. My hobbies and interests include sports, hiking, travelling, learning languages.

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Monika Valaitytė

My fields of expertise are Biotechnology, Quality Assurance, Immunology, Molecular Biology.

I would like to inspire the mentee and help to achieve their goals or at least help them answer themselves a question where would I like to be in a couple of years or what would I like to have achieved by then. I know that my example is somewhat telling that working hard towards a goal pays off. Most important thing is to believe in yourself. I am looking forward to meeting and moreover collaborating with mentee on a journey of achieving more.

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Viktorija Vastakaite Kairiene

My fields of expertise are science and research. My professional strengths are responsibility and having persistence in purpose.

I am a young academic at the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences. Also, I am working with students in academic institutions. 

I believe that I can help for young people who want to reach academic career. My mentee should be a student or young researcher at academic institution (school/ university/ institute).

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