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Sweet Southern Getaway: 2019 Enrichment Trip in Charleston, SC

This year, with spring around the corner, the Enrichment Trip went underway in the lovely, cultivated city of Charleston. Fellows were united and they were able to connect and network as well as have team-building activities.

Located at the Hilton Garden Inn at 45 Waterside, the fellows from both BAFF and AADF gathered at the breathtaking waterfront and had the opportunity to meet with the CIEE staff members. The following day, the group took a scenic walk downtown and had a tour of Charleston. They had the opportunity to revel in the classic architecture, historic sites, and landmarks. After the tour, the fellows participated in an enlightened kayak tour, an immersive experience through the tidal creeks behind Folley Beach, provided by Charleston Outdoor Adventures. After the scenic adventure, they had free time in downtown Charleston and had the opportunity to relax and enjoy the sites.

The next two days were innovation management training with Arnaldo Arnal from IXL Center, assisted with BAFF PIP Intern, Regita Zeila. He is an innovation management consultant who coaches companies, accelerating their path to market through new growth ideas. This center for innovation, excellence and leadership helps Fortune 1000 businesses, Start-ups, and innovation executives build the capabilities to create breakthroughs that drive sustainable growth. The fellows separated into groups and worked on developing innovation skills. Through the training, they leaned the definition of innovation and its significance, tools and techniques to help you to think and act differently, and approaches to generate breakthrough ideas. In their separate groups each worked on Business Concepts and worked on ideal partnerships with Airbnb. They created new products that Airbnb could produce and sell like mattress rentals and travel goggles.

This week was filled with delicious food and good company in the elegant city of Charleston, South Carolina. Not only was the trip fun, it was a tremendous, unforgettable, learning experience.