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Adventures at Brand Assembly, NYC: An Intern’s experience

by Izabelė Žvinytė

Have I ever thought of living in New York?

It seemed like a far destination, and here I am. I’ve been living and working in New York for 10 months.

It would not be possible without the Baltic American Freedom Foundation that enabled me to experience big city life and have my hands on fashion industry working as Shows and Marketing Coordinator at Brand Assembly. Throughout my time in New York, I met more professionals in the fashion industry than in my entire life: from fashion designers, sales representatives to boutique owners. It’s not surprising taking into account that New York is home to more headquarters of fashion designers and fashion retailers than any other city in the United States.

During my internship in Brand Assembly, I was fortunate to participate in one of the biggest company’s trade-shows in Los Angeles for a couple of times, where I had a chance to meet more than 250+ fashion brands and observe 1000+ buyers. I had a chance to observe the day-to-day activities of emerging fashion brands. Outside of work, I attended networking sessions and panel events. I signed up for evening and weekend classes at New York Fashion Institute of Technology where I developed my skills in Fashion Illustration and Social Media Marketing. Due to those additional activities, I have a better understanding of branding, e-commerce, and running of small businesses.

In general, I would describe New York energy as buzzing, intense, exhilarating, productive, competitive, and hustling. While living in New York, I learned to walk faster, speak faster and even think faster. I got used to having my breakfast and lunch by my desk and got used to commuting using crowded subways and carrying tote bags everywhere. Every single day I am still impressed by how unique New York is: skyscrapers, steam rising from the streets, yellow cabs and hustlers. But more than anything:

I feel an immense amount of gratitude toward this city for helping me grow into who I am today.

I believe that this city made me stronger, tougher and more resilient. I became more adaptive and a way more tolerant.

Another personal achievement would be the discovery of American culture. This was my first time in the United States. I was fortunate to travel around the States: observe its rich history, interesting people and traditions. It is mind-blowing that even though it is one country, it differs state from state so drastically.

And for now, my time in the United States has come to an end. I’m heading back to Lithuania! See you there!”