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Adventures in San Diego // Fall Enrichment Trip 2019

This fall we took a break from the chilly weather and embarked on an adventure to San Diego, CA. Our interns had the opportunity to exchange ideas, forge connections, and grow their network. They also had the chance to expand their knowledge by visiting a new part of the U.S.

San Diego had the ideal weather and gorgeous seaside for the activities the interns had for their Enrichment Trip. We all gathered at the Glass Door Bar & Restaurant at the Porto Vista Hotel, located in Little Italy, San Diego, CA.

The next day the group ventured to ESET and had a tour. ESET is an internet security company that we have relations with and has been our host company for various interns. After the tour we returned to the hotel’s private room for a Presentation by Lauren Kelly. She is the Manager of Participant Experience at CIEE. Lauren taught the interns how to construct their own stories that could make an impact in their personal and professional life.

On Wednesday, it was time for the interns to break into teams and do some volunteer work. I Love a Clean San Diego has provided our group with the tools to locate storm drains through out the area and mark them with a provided stencil kit. They helped remove half a million pounds of debris in the local neighborhoods and coastline by providing a thoughtful message. The message reads, “No Dumping Goes to Ocean.” Once the clean-up was completed, we took a ferry to Coronado Island. A Scavenger Hunt took place and the hunt for the Holy Grail commenced. The day ended at the historical Hotel del Coronado.

The final day the group traveled to San Diego State University . We had the opportunity to meet with Bernhard Schroeder, Director of the Entrepreneurship Programs  and a KPBS PR. After the visit to the University, we ventured to The Richard Nixon Library & Museum where the interns connected with the BAFF Board of Directors, toured the historical site, and had a lovely dinner.

Friendships were forged and unforgettable memories took place. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity that will be a story to tell for generations to come.