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BAFF Alumni Council in action

The Baltic-American Freedom Foundation (BAFF) mission is to deepen the ties between and among Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and the United States through programs of education and exchange centering on economic growth and democratic values. Over the last 10 years, more than 600 alumni have participated in various BAFF scholarship programs. They are part of a unique and growing community of individuals who have crossed cultural and geographical boundaries to work with, and learn from, industry leaders and enhance their professional careers.

As the organization matured, BAFF Board of Directors (BOD) started their work in transforming the organizational aspects of the alumni community in 2018. By looking at the needs of the alumni and building upon those, BAFF Alumni Council was called to action to oversee activities of the alumni network as a strategic body.

BAFF Alumni Council, consisting of alumni from different BAFF programs and from various professional backgrounds, started their work in April 2020. Due to the current situation, the Council has conducted all their meetings online and the very first in-person meeting took place in Jurmala, Latvia at the beginning of September 2020. A short video overview of the meeting is available here .

The lively discussions during council meetings have centered around strategic alumni engagement goals to boost mutual collaboration, activities towards democratic development, active citizenship in the Baltic states and professional development of BAFF alumni. The Council has revised the existing alumni programs and launching new initiatives to offer additional opportunities for the alumni community.

BAFF Alumni Council members and alumni are willing to share their knowledge and professional expertise with their community and all who are interested. Whether it be virtual events for general public (such as BAFF Talks), charitable causes, programs for professional development or in-person events for the alumni, the drive to give back the community is a character trait present in all BAFF alumni. They continue to utilize their newly minted skills, knowledge and experience long after they have returned home from the US, fueling the impactful work they do in their own countries.

Interested to learn more? Read about BAFF programs or get in touch with our Alumni Coordinators Laura and Maarja.