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Latvian intern creates efficiency for the lumber industry

With a Master’s Degree in Forest Economics and Policy, Latvian intern, Niks Sauva, was immersed in a rural Floridian lifestyle in Live Oak, where he interned for Klausner Lumber One. The focus and role of his internship was to analyze the varieties of pine trees and their characteristics, specifically, determining the modulus of elasticity, the water content and wood moisture, the bulk density of the different types of pine trees, as well as the bulk weight of the their non-lumber products. Niks was then expected to present his findings in relation to Klausner’s production management in order to improve the processing of lumber at their company. Niks was supervised by Daniel Dorfer, Klausner Lumber’s Production Manager, who has worked over 10 years in the field. Mr. Dorfer viewed Niks as a valuable asset to his staff, and encouraged him to share his own ideas of the agenda of activities in the company’s production department in effort to improve efficiency in production. Niks described his Klausner team as “very supportive. They helped me a lot with apartment hunting and any other things that I needed.”

In retrospective, Niks felt that his personal achievement was that he learned how to work in a very international environment, and became more confident and tolerant in uncommon situations. He found the greatest influence in his coworker, David Leon, who Niks found to be very experienced, smart and friendly. Niks’s advice to future interns is “Don’t be scared and take advantage to learn and explore. Always stay open-minded.”

Niks has since repatriated, and has accepted a managerial position at a Forest Engineering company in Riga.