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Kayaking Adventure: In the Words of LA Participant, Anita Kočote

On Saturday, July 14th the program participants had an exciting activity planned – a kayak trip! Although the weather was cloudy, it did not affect the thrilling experience. At first some felt nervous and even a bit scared. But not to worry, the instructors did a great job of carefully teaching us – how to properly hold the oar, how to maneuver around and move the kayak forward. And of course, everyone wore a life-jacket for safety.
We rowed around a few small islands, which were overgrown with trees and bushes. We even saw a few seals, who time by time appeared out of the water. Overall, the day was not windy, so it was very comfortable to row. An activity to remember!
We ended the day by visiting the town of Freeport (a couple of miles from Portland), complete with shopping and our dinner of choice.

Written by Anita Kočote, Latvia