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BAFF intern, Krista Buša, redesigns a Californian community

Krista Buša has spent the last year in sunny San Clemente, CA. fulfilling her internship at UDP International. She was inserted into a multidisciplinary role which would bolster her growing expertise and versatility in the architectural profession. Her tasks entailed marketing UDP through online media outlets, and attending ULI events to meet potential clients. She was also involved in conducting research, case studies and analysis of the following topics: Smart City and Smart Economy, Transit-Oriented Development, Waterfront Development, Public Space, Urban Regeneration, Heritage Conservation and Adaptive Reuse, Affordable Housing, Mixed Use Development, Real Estate and Sustainable Development. In addition, she contributed to existing projects for the Port of San Diego and Climate Healers, and participated in discussions with prospective clients in the region. Krista was welcomed on the team by Founding and Managing Director, Dr. Sujata Govada. With a PhD in Planning and Environmental Design, a Master of Architecture in Urban Design from Virginia Tech, and an Undergraduate Degree in Architecture from JNTU in India, Dr. Govada is award-winning registered architect in India, and a certified planner and qualified urban designer.

Krista nurtured her professional enrichment by attending Urban Land Institute meetings, lectures and workshops and architectural meetings such as public open houses. Krista states that the person who influenced her the most was Christine Lampert, UDP’s Senior Associate Director, who Krista describes  is “simply a wise lady that taught me how to help others, always be opened and positive to new things”. Ms. Lampert has a Master of Architecture from USC,  is a Registered Architect in California, is licensed with NCARB, and is also a Professor at USC.

Krista felt that one of her greatest contributions to her surrounding American community was the professional studies that she carried out. Through this research, she pinpointed methods of urban planning that will help shape better cities, and learned about urban development issues with a front-and-center look at city life in the US, as well as participated in neighborhood events. Krista also comments about her greatest professional achievement while here in the US: “I discovered an innovative way of where to find potential business partners for a company and found about 500 potential partners.” In addition to raising UDP’s bar for efficiency, Krista took on raising other bars in her free time, at least those involved in the challenging sport of powerlifting.

Now back in Latvia, Krista has already secured employment, and is pursuing her Master’s in The Organization and Management of International Economic Relations at Riga Technical University.