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Leadership Academy DC excursion: Day 5, In the words of Elis Toim

On the very last day of our journey to USA we got to spend some time in Washington before heading to airport to fly home.

After we had packed our suitcases and loaded them to bus, we got to see Thomas Jefferson Memorial, which we were really impressed of. Then we went to National Mall, where we had opportunity to visit some really interesting museums, for example National Museum of Natural History, National Museum of American History and National Air and Space Museum. The time that we had to visit these museums quickly flew past, because there were so many interesting rooms in each museums and so much information that everyone wanted to gather!

Soon we had to go on the bus to go to airport. There was a long flight ahead to get to Europe, Frankfurt. When we arrived to Frankfurt, we finally realised that soon we have to say goodbye to each other. Luckily we all had about four hours to hang out together before our next flight.

Eventually we had to step on separate planes. Saying goodbye to each other was really emotional. It was so sad to go our own ways, after we had spent an awesome month together and basically grown together by that time. I am sure we are all going to miss that amazing time we got to spend in US, but I am sure we all got so many memorable moments during this journey that we will, for sure, never forget.

And then we finally arrived at our homeland. It was good to see our families after all this time. We, Estonians, made a big group hug before leaving and then everyone headed home with their families. And then we finally got to sleep in our own beds again. I can’t wait to see all these wonderful people again and thank you for everything, you were best of the best! Last day Last day2