Alumni Mentorship Program

BAFF alumni have unique access to various events and programs to support their professional development. One of these is the BAFF ALUMNI MENTORSHIP PROGRAM, which creates opportunities for BAFF alumni to share experiences and further develop their skills as a mentor or mentee.

Mentoring takes place between mentees and mentors who are acting in a non-professional helping capacity to provide relationship-based support. A mentor supports and encourages the professional development of the mentee and provides active guidance to help them achieve their goals. For the mentee, having a mentor provides a dedicated forum to learn, receive coaching, and grow their skills. Through advice and guidance, the mentor can help the mentee to develop their full career potential and explore alternative roles and career paths.

The Alumni Mentorship program is targeted to different BAFF alumni groups with a focus to support their professional development needs. TARGET GROUPS participating in this program are:

Mentors may direct their mentee to knowledgeable professionals inside or outside their current industry and/or field. Through a mentoring program, a mentee can gain access to important career contacts. Mentees learn to communicate with others in more senior positions, as well as gain confidence in dealing with people from unfamiliar backgrounds. Mentoring gives a chance to increase confidence and self-awareness through motivation, support and inspiration, as well as improve skill sets.

Mentees are not the only ones to benefit from the mentorship: providing mentorship is an opportunity for the mentor to develop leadership, communication, listening, and management skills. It can offer lasting career networks, grow one’s professional network, or can even lead to the development of lifelong friendships. Mentors may learn just as much from their mentee as their mentee will learn from them. Mentoring offers the mentor an opportunity to reflect upon their own professional journey, and can offer the satisfaction of sharing their own personal wisdom with others.

Type of mentoringone-on-one. Meetings can take place online or in person.

Duration: minimum of 4 months.

There should be a commitment to regular communications and interactions, agreed upon in advance. Typically, mentorships start out with more frequent, lengthy meetings and then pare back somewhat once the relationship is established. Once initial, time-intensive training (if any) is complete, the relationship then moves to support/coaching mode. But a general rule would be at least once a week at the initial stages, and no less than monthly later in the process.

The time commitment is agreed between the mentor and mentee. It is recommended to meet at least 6 times (for example, every 4-6 weeks) for around 2 hours every time (ca 12 hours in total). Mentors and mentees choose the arrangements that suit them.

A productive mentoring relationship depends on a good match. To assist in the process of matching mentors and mentees, BAFF hosts an online event where prospective mentors and mentees can meet and interact with one another in a structured fashion, and then provide feedback to the administrators of the Mentoring program regarding their preferences (top three choices) for matching. Based on shared preferences administrators of the program build a final matching.

BAFF Alumni Coordinators provide support and guidance for mentorship program participants. Other helpful resources provided by BAFF:

The first 2021 BAFF Alumni Mentorship Program application round has closed.
Please contact Alumni Coordinators Maarja ( or Laura ( for information about upcoming application rounds.