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A day for Portland Sea Dogs: In the Words of LA Participant, Rasmus Kalep

Hi, blog! Today was a really fun day. Like every other day, this one was special as well. Today we focused on a baseball team – the Portland Sea Dogs.

As we are coming up with solutions to attract more millennials we needed to know what people really feel about baseball and the Sea Dogs. Thus, today we were doing some market research and surveys. Teams of 10 went to the town to ask people some questions that would lead them to conclusions and solutions. The town was full of blue shirts and people seemed to be very opened and ready to answer a few questions. I think we all had a great time doing the surveys and got some invaluable experience from that.

For me, today’s highlight was the baseball game. For now, it might be the best experience that I have had so far. Those big sports events are rare in Estonia and thus it was great to see people cheering and socializing. Baseball seems like a really cool game and I can definitely see why it’s so popular here in the US. Another aspect of this evening was the people that we were with. We really have amazing people who have earned their place in this program. It is fantastic to see people interacting with each other and having fun. So for me, the game would not have been the same without the company. I really loved the whole branding of the Sea Dogs as well. They have got a great logo and the merchandise is marvelous. They have really done a great job at keeping the game interesting and fun, especially for families.

To sum the day up, you need great teamwork to win a game and great company to watch one.

Written by Rasmus Kalep, Estonia

Linda Martinsone, Karina Vintere

Kristians Gutpelcs

Rasmus Kalep

Brita Tonisson

Bibiana Aarma, Kaili Nurk

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