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Leadership Academy’s last visit at CIEE: Presents New Business Ideas

Friday, July 26th, the students teamed up and presented their new business ideas to a panel of judges. These four judges are leaders in the business industry; they were there to provide valuable feedback and select the group with the best new business plan.

Each group presented wonderful and out of this world ideas to the panel. Many focused on bringing cultural restaurants to Portland, Maine, but with a twist. From a Baltic Brewery to an Escape Room Restaurant, the students provided not only creative ideas but realistic goals with financial costs to provide logical reasoning to their businesses.

While some groups focused on a cultural eating experience, bringing the Baltic culture to their meals and drinks or a multitude of different cultural foods from all over the world, others wanted to provide a form of immersion to their restaurants. For example, one group combined  a café and an art gallery, another group wanted a “galaxy themed” eating establishment. While these groups had wonderful concepts, we also had fun ones with a food focus, potatoes and fries.

The presentations were wonderful and the judges provided excellent questions that were answered with ease from these students. The group that was most favored from the judges was the combination art gallery/café. But overall each student did a wonderful job and did above and beyond with their work.