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Sea Dogs Biscuits, Dance Cams and Slugger!

July 11th, the 4th day of BAFF Leadership Academy, was the day we were assigned to develop our first project during the program for a Minor League baseball team called Portland Sea Dogs. After being introduced to what Target Market and Survey Development was, we headed straight to the Hadlock Field where we met the manager of the stadium. During a tour of the stadium, we were provided with a unique opportunity to gain profound insight and receive answers for all the questions we had about baseball and our project. The task confronting us involved developing a marketing strategy that is designed to attract more millennials to Sea Dogs games.

As we were introduced with the task, we started to work in our designated groups. In a group of 10, we brainstormed and discussed various possible options and eventually managed to outline an action plan. The first thing to do on our list regarded conducting a survey which was an important part of market research. When we were conducting our surveys in downtown Portland, I was personally surprised with how open, friendly and collaborative the locals were.

Furthermore, it was vitally important for us to “get to know” the product we were working with. Undoubtedly, the best way for us to explore baseball was to visit a baseball game, which is exactly what we did on Friday evening, July 12th. For almost every participant of the program this was the very first time they had a chance to go to a baseball game.

I felt very excited and curious since baseball is a symbol of America. Frankly speaking, I could not even imagine that I can be so passionate about sports: the game exceeded my expectations! I will never forget an absolutely incredible atmosphere, a great feeling of unity and overwhelming support for the Sea Dogs. The thing I realized is that the baseball game is not only about the baseball itself but about eating hot dogs and Sea Dogs biscuits, getting a moment of fame with a Dance Cam, watching the amazing mascot Slugger the Sea Dog and, most importantly, baseball game is about hundreds of people “rooting for the home team.”

Written by Viktoria Ishkina