Baltic-American Dialogue Program

Why Participate?

Program Overview and Benefits

The Baltic-American Dialogue program fosters the exchange of ideas between the Baltic States and U.S. and stimulates international collaboration.

Public Organizations – Host U.S. Speakers

Public organizations in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania are invited to apply for funds to host speakers from the U.S. to travel to the Baltics. BAFF provides successful applicant organizations with financial support to sponsor American speakers on topics of mutual importance and interest.

Applicant organizations are encouraged to design programs and invite speakers to address the interests of their unique constituencies. Funding is designed to cover expenses such as airfare and local lodging, meals, and transportation.

In preparation of the project application, for your own clarity, please, research International travel requirements in relation to COVID-19 safety and general security situation for your invited guests with your Embassy in U.S.:




Who Can Participate?

Program Eligibility-Baltic Public Organizations

Educational institutions such as universities, government entities, nongovernmental organizations such as Chambers of Commerce, social service organizations, and trade and business groups are eligible to apply for funding. Speakers should be chosen according to the needs of the sponsoring group. Since visibly strengthening U.S.-Baltic ties is a core value for the Baltic-American Freedom Foundation, the strongest proposals will provide opportunities for bilateral learning and exchange of ideas between U.S. speakers and members of Baltic sponsoring institutions. In addition, proposals that promote cross-Baltic collaboration between similar groups or institutions will be given special consideration.

Dates & Deadlines

Application Deadline

February 1, 2022

Decision Notification*

March 30, 2022

Implementation Period

June 1, 2022 - January 31, 2023

*Shortlisted applicants will be invited for an interview before the decision notification date.


How much can be granted?

Public Organizations

Applications will be accepted for funding of up to $10,000 USD. Funds will be disbursed as required based on the schedule provided in the application but no more than 60 days prior to the event.

What types of expenses can be included in a proposal?

Public Organizations

Since the opportunity to travel to the Baltics and meet with counterparts in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania represents a substantial benefit for potential U.S. speakers, funding does not cover speakers’ fees or honoraria. Rather, funds are intended to cover expenses such as airfare, local transportation, and accommodations and meals. Eligible expenses include:

Project Evaluation

How will proposals be evaluated?

Proposals will be evaluated by BAFF staff. Funding is intended to augment the professional development opportunities available to host organizations. It is not intended to offset regular budgeted training costs. Special consideration will be given to proposals designed to provide opportunities for bilateral learning and exchange of ideas between American speakers and members of Baltic sponsoring institutions.

What is required of finalists?

Finalists will be invited to present their proposals in person. Presentations should address:


Thank you for your interest in applying to the Baltic-American Freedom Foundation (BAFF) Dialogue program. You must complete the application in its entirety and submit all required documents by the published deadline. Please review the application checklist above.

Download your application here,
and email your application materials to

Please include your:

1.BAFF Application
2.Project proposal

In a separate document, describe, in free format, the rationale for both the topic and the speaker. Provide a brief explanation of the benefit to be gained by both your organization and the speaker. Include a description of any associated events, such as faculty symposia or student seminars. Provide a media and publicity plan for the event describing the media opportunities for your organization, your guest speaker and for the sponsors, e.g., interviews and event coverage. Finally describe the criteria you will use to evaluate the outcome of the event.

3. U.S. speaker’s CV
4. Proof of legal status of your Organization (can be in local language)

Please ensure that your PDF file sizes are below 2 MB.

Funded Projects

Spring 2020


Name of the Project: 5G Techritory, the 2nd annual Baltic Sea Region 5G Ecosystem Forum
Location (country): Latvia
Implementing Organization: Electronic Communications Office of Latvia JSC
Speakers: Steve Hoffman, Will Townsend, Karim Lesina
Project Dates: November 27-29, 2019

In 2018, the 5G Techritory Forum initiated a new and globally unique open 5G platform for cross-border, cross-level, and cross-sectoral cooperation for the development of a sustainable 5G ecosystem in the Baltic Sea Region. It was decided to continue the development of the platform and to organize the same event in 2019 as well.

5G Techritory Forum brought together around 800 registered participants and more than 80 high-level speakers. Forum will highlighted plenary sessions and parallel working sessions, high-level meetings involving the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), The Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications (BEREC) and the European Commission, a 5G key stakeholders’ roundtable, organized in cooperation with the Nordic Council of Ministers, with participation of the Ministers responsible for 5G policy in the countries of the Baltic Sea region, the “Meet the 5G Technology” expo, a B2B networking event, the 5G Hackathon Riga, and the 1 st 5G policymakers’ hackathon.

Name of the Project:  Program
Portable Landscapes
Location:  James Gallery at The Graduate Center, CUNY, New York, United States
Organization:   Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art
Speaker:   Baltic Eksperts – Solvita Krese and Inga Lāce
Project Dates:   February 8 -15, 2020

The exhibition and event program “Portable Landscapes” addressed the complex issues of migration, diaspora and exile today through case studies of the refugees from the Baltic countries during and after the Second World War.

This theme has been closely researched by the Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art and its curators Solvita Krese and Inga Lace. The research has already resulted in exhibitions and symposia in Riga, Paris, Gotland, Berlin and now – the last iteration of the project took place in New York, at the James Gallery in CUNY.

Focusing on several individual and group stories of artists and culture practitioners from the Baltic diaspora, their work and experience of exile, the project opened up a wider array of concerns. Through the means of the exhibition and symposia both Baltic Experts have been invited to present this unique research on the three case studies for the audience of New York. Since many of the materials are language-specific and a knowledge of the local context of where the artists were coming from is necessary, it was very important to provide a perspective from Latvian researchers and curators.

Name of the Project:
Progressing Education Quality of Children with Disabilities. Interdisciplinary education seminar
Location (country): Latvia
Implementing Organization: Latvian Academy of Sport Education
Speakers: Ali Brian, Lauren Lieberman, Katrin Arndt, Michelle Grenier
Project Dates: December 10 – 12, 2019

The Latvian Academy of Sport Education (LASE) has took the first initiative to organize interdisciplinary education seminar titled “Progressing education quality of children with disabilities” with participation of education, health and social care representatives from Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. It brought together the four outstanding professors from the United States to present and provide health and social care professionals from  Baltic countries knowledge and practical examples of education, particularly physical education, of children with disability.  During the seminar program representatives from special schools and universities in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia provided information on teacher training, Education programs and professional development for in-service professionals.

The outstanding expertise of US colleagues will contribute study programs focusing on inclusive Education and will improve and strengthen interdisciplinary collaborations.

Name of the Project:
Academic Theology in Latvia – 100. The Annual conference of the University of Latvia
Location (country): Latvia
Implementing Organization: The University of Latvia, The Faculty of Theology
Speakers: Bonnie J. Miller-McLemore, Mark Miller-McLemore  and Stephanie A. Budwey
Project Dates: February  13 – 18, 2020

The project aim was to strengthen gender equality and prevent women discrimination in Latvia by providing knew theological knowledge and discussion on its causes, mechanisms and effects, thereby broadening the domestic discussion on gender equality, as well as introducing the local theological discussion on gender equality into an international context.

In order to ensure the transfer knowledge and widen the international discourse, as well as continue the ongoing dialogue between the University of Latvia and scholars from Vanderbilt University Divinity School in USA, three professors leading researchers in feminism and women theology were invited to Latvia. It resulted in continuing and developing the cooperation with the academic colleagues from Vanderbilt both as the exchange of experience and acquaintance with different cultural contexts for the development of theological thought both in Latvia and the USA, but also possible development and implementation of joint academic (study programs, modules) and research (joint publications, research) projects in the future.

FALL 2019


FALL 2018



Band HAZMAT MODINE concert
Location: Lithuania
Implementing Organization: GM Gyvai
Speakers: Band HAZMAT MODINE
Project Dates: June 12-13, 2017

In June 2017 public institution “GM Gyvai” (“Good Music Life”) invited a band from the U.S. – “Hazmat Modine a well-known New York based band which represents American roots, traditional music and world music. The GM Gyvai organized two concerts and a workshop in the Day Care centre of Kirtimai, Vilnius, for the kids of the Roma community families and other socially deprived families of the neighbourhood. The purpose of this workshop was to show a variety of life opportunities, different cultures, opportunity to play with musical instruments, improve English and encourage the kids to learn and to seek for education. The kids who attended the workshop were also invited to one of the concerts that took place in two major cities of Lithuania – Vilnius and Kaunas, and were very warmly accepted by the audiences.

LOGIN  2017
Location: Lithuania
Implementing Organization: Inovacijų agentūra
Speaker: Shama Hyder, CEO, “Marketing Zen Group”
Project Dates: May 24-26, 2017

LOGIN is the largest tech and innovations festival in the Baltic States. LOGIN 2017  attracted more than 6.000 participants from Lithuania and beyond and it created the greatest IT “buzz” in the region. The festival took place in various locations downtown in Vilnius, and consisted of four different segments – LIGIN conference, LOGIN Startup Fair, LOGIN Game Fest, and Telia Business Summit @ LOGIN. Thanks to BAFF LOGIN 2017 orginizers brought one of the keynote speakers, Shama Hyder, a visionary strategist for the digital age, known as the “Zen Master of Marketing” by Entrepreneur Magazine and the “Millennial Master of the Universe” by Fast Company. Shama delivered a keynote titled “Leadership in the Digital Age”. Shama’s keynote attracted an audience of over a few hundred people and encouraged many young Lithuanians to follow their dreams and aim for the best.

Samuel Bak Museum
Location: Lithuania
Implementing Organization: Vilna Gaon State Jewish Museum Speakers: Samuel Bak, artst, painter, Weston, Massachusetts Project Dates: November 14-20, 2017

Samuel Bak Museum was opened in the premises of the Tolerance Center of the Vilna Gaon State Jewish Museum. BAFF supported the opening of the Museum so that painter Samuel Bak, Vilnius born artist, survivor of Holocaust, could attend the opening of the museum in person. The first exposition space with 37 works of art, dating from the first half of the XX century until the first decade of the XXI century, was opened on November 16, 2017. According to the trilateral agreement with Samuel Bak and the Pucker Gallery the 37 works of art were donated to the museum once the first exposition space was opened, and 88 more works, which will provide the opportunity to change and renew the exhibitions, will be donated later. Samuel Bak also conducted the painting master class for the students of the Academy of Arts in Vilnius. On November 15, 2017 Vilnius Mayor presented the Honorary Citizen of Vilnius title to Samuel Bak at the official ceremony in the Town Hall of Vilnius.

The Camp Abilities – Baltics, 2017
Location: Latvia
Implementing Organization: Latvian Academy of Sport Education Speaker: Prof. Lauren J. Lieberman
Project Dates: July 31 – August 6, 2017

The mission of Camp Abilities is to empower and teens with visual impairments to be physically active and productive members of their schools, cities and communities. The camp was organized for 22 children with visual impairment (age 10-18 years). All participants were offered 15 different sport activities and invited professor Dr. Lauren J. Lieberman provided practical and theoretical assistance. In addition one-day seminar and workshop was organized as a part of camp for in-service physical education teachers, sports instructors about Adapted Physical Activities (APA) for persons with disabilities. The continuation of the collaboration between volunteers, teachers and/ or instructors trained during the camp and workshop will be maintained through dissemination activities such as training seminars for in-service sport, education and health professionals.

4th Latvian Permaculture Festival
Location: Latvia
Implementing Organization: Society Kulturys studeja Speiga Speaker: Mike Larrivee
Project Dates: August 10 – 15, 2017

The Latvian Permaculture Festival is an event where people who introduce sustainability principles into local communities can meet and share their experience.  In 2017 the festival was organized by the society “Kulturys studeja Speiga” in collaboration with the Latvian Permaculture Association where the goal of the festival was to bring to life the ideas of permaculture/sustainable living in the local communities of the Baltic States and find the most effective implementation model. During the Festival invited lecturer Mike Larrivee led 2 guest lectures, besides that there were a lot of individual consultations and discussions about sustainable land management. In addition, also practical compost-tea making seminar was organized.  

Invited lecture at 8th International Colloquium on Modeling for Material Processing Location:
Implementing Organization: University of Latvia
Speaker: prof. Jeffrey J Derby
Project Dates: September 21-22, 2017

The 8th International scientific colloquium on Modeling for Materials Processing is a traditional scientific event organized by the University of Latvia. The results presented at the colloquium covered recent numerical and experimental research activities in the field of industrial processing technologies for creating new and alternative materials, materials of highest quality and purity and new innovative products. Special session in this colloquium was devoted to mathematical modeling of crystal growth. Invited prof. Jeffrey Derby is very experienced researcher in field of mathematical modeling, especially in crystal growth. His presentation was also very encouraging for young students because it included such topics as “experiments in space”, “simulations of crystal growth” and touched both macroscopic and microscopic phenomena.

Supporting Students = Supporting Teachers
Location: Latvia
Implementing Organization: Riga Valdis Zālītis Primary School Speaker: Dr. Barbara C. Cruz
Project Dates: June 9-15, 2017

At the end of academic school year 2017, Riga Valdis Zalitis Primary School organized a one week program Supporting Students = Supporting Teachers for teachers, teacher educators and school administrators. The program centered on five critical topics: Creating a positive classroom environment; Teacher effectiveness – The top characteristics of successful teachers; Active hand-on learning for all students; Home-School-Community relations and Avoiding teacher burnout. Each of these topics were presented and examined with participants, invited to reflect deeply on their own practice and encouraged to incorporate new concepts and strategies when they returned to their schools. In addition to seminars, Dr. Cruz gave also a public lecture to the Faculty of Education, Psychology and Art at the University of Latvia.

Anna Kat’s public lecture and seminar, in conjunction to the summer residency Trauma&Revival
Location: Latvia
Implementing Organization: Association “KIM?”, Contemporary Art Centre
Speaker: Anna Kats
Project Dates: July 13-14, 2017

Public program by researcher, critic and Curatorial Assistant at Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) Anna Kats was a part of the summer residency Trauma & Revival. Contemporary Encounters organized by Kim? Contemporary Art Centre in July, 2017. The public lecture and seminar led by Anna Kats was in line with an exhibition that was being co-organized by Anna Kats at MoMA in New York. In her lecture Anna Kats discussed American and Western European perceptions of modernist architecture in Eastern Europe as a basis for addressing problems concerning 20th century history narratives. The talk was followed by a seminar at the Art Academy of Latvia. Project activities were also attended by visitors from Lithuania and Estonia as well as partners from Europe and Russia.

Youth media summer school Young Media Sharks 2017 Location: Latvia
Implementing Organization: NGO Avantis
Speaker: Kris Mathur
Project Dates: August  8-15, 2017

The summer camp Young Media Sharks 2017 offered intense practical workshops, lectures and seminars for young people lead by the industry professionals. Furthermore, three working labs were developed, each lead by 2mentors, through which the youth, working in groups of 4, developed specific projects in Advertising and Investigative journalism and social media. The participants were taught the basic principles of advertising and investigate journalism, explained the different aspects of it, inspired by the best examples and asked to create their own ideas – present them, develop them and execute them into real projects. During the week-long intense summer school, youngsters gained skills and knowledge about debate art, self-presentation, critical thinking, media literacy, and gained practical and theoretical knowledge various media professions and learned to use the modern tools for representing culturally and socially important topics.


Tallinn Design Week 2017, Design Culture Seminar
Location: Estonia
Implementing organization: MTÜ Disainiöö
Speakers: Deborah Alden and Tara St James from the Brooklyn Fashion and Design Accelerator
Project Dates: September 28-29, 2018

The Design Night Festival was held at the Noblessner Submarine Factory in Tallinn from 25th of September until the first of October 2017. An average of 5000 people visited the location and other related sites to enjoy a week’s worth of design themed exhibitions, presentations, seminars, markets and pop-up stores. Invited speaker Deborah Alden performed at the Design Culture Seminar where specialists from different countries debated about the development of design culture in society. Deborah introduced the virtues of BF+DA and why their model is different from other similar creative incubator, offering in house production, showrooms and mentoring. The second guest Tara St James took stage at the Future Textile Seminar where she and three other speakers about different practices in the future of textiles. The topics included the obvious symbiosis of fabrics and technology, but also the future of consumption from fiber to finished products. In addition to visiting and participating at the design week’s program, the guests took part of a field trip to different production facilities outside of Tallinn.




Crisis Simulation Scenario Design Workshop and International Conference on Security in the Baltic Region Location: Lithuania
Implementing Organization: Lithuanian National Defence Foundation
Speakers: COL (Ret.) Samuel Gardiner, Jamestown Foundation and Dr. Michael Carpenter, Senior Director of the Joseph R. Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement, University of Pennsylvania
Project Dates: March 2—3, 2017

Highlighting the importance of a more accessible discourse about security and defence, Lithuanian National Defence Foundation carried out this project aimed at initiating active and consistent discussions among key regional stakeholders – policy makers, NGOs, media representatives, and others. Lithuanian National Defence Foundation invited two keynote U.S. speakers: COL (Ret.) Samuel Gardiner from Jamestown Foundation and Dr. Michael Carpenter from University of Pennsylvania to present at the international conference “Strengthening Social Resilience against Hybrid Threats in the Baltic Region”, as well as to take part in the the Planning Workshop for international security experts. As the result of this project, the National Defense Foundation in Cooperation with National Security and Defense Committee (NSDC) of Lithuania and MOD will start implementing a war-gaming/crisis simulation program. The next International Security Conference will be organized in March of 2018, after the Crisis Simulation exercises.

Tour of Kimleigh Smith’s Solo Performance T-O-T-A-L-L-Y!, and Sexual Assault Awareness-Raising Campaign in Lithuania
Location: Lithuania
Implementing Organization: Ethnic Kitchen
Speaker: Ms. Kimleigh Smith, American actress, activist, public speaker, and coach

Project Dates: March 7—9, 2017 The Sexual Awareness Raising Campaign in Lithuania was designed to raise awareness among Lithuanian students, educators, the general public, and the media regarding issues of sexual assault and violence against women, through public presentations, discussions, and interactive seminars by American actress, activist, public speaker, and coach, Kimleigh Smith. Kimleigh Smith is an African-American woman who, having survived a gang rape in college, shares her journey towards recovery in her transformative workshops. The project consisted of the European premier of Kimleigh Smith’s solo performance T-O-T-A-L-L-Y!, which was performed in three major cities of Lithuania – Vilnius, Kaunas and Klaipeda, followed by workshops and public presentations for university students. As the result of the project, Lithuanian media, universities, municipalities, NGOs and the general public were introduced to effective means of sexual assault prevention through the theatre.

DIRECTORS LAB: Barry Primus Masterclasses for Getting A Great Performance 
Location: Lithuania
Implementing Organization: InScript
Speaker: Mr. Barry Primus, Director, Actor
Project Dates: March 7—9, 2017

By underlining the importance of professional growth among Lithuanian actors and directors, InScript company invited Mr. Barry Primus, prominent American film director and actor, to conduct masterclasses and workshops for Lithuanian actors and directors. Using techniques of Lee Strasburg, Sandy Meisner and Stella Adler, as well as his own experience with Elia Kazan, Barry Primus worked on structure, the journey to the truth of character, famous scenes, contemporary material and requested material. Barry Primus conducted two workshops for film industry professionals, and held one open lecture at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theater. Feedback for these workshops from well-trained and experienced Lithuanian actors was that Barry‘s masterclasses were eye-opening and inspiring experiences.

sTARTUp Day 2016
Location: Estonia
Implementing Organization: University of Tartu
Speaker: Mr. Ravi Belani, Fenwick & West Lecturer of Entrepreneurship at Stanford University, and Managing Director of the Alchemist Accelerator
Project Dates: December 9, 2016

sTARTUp Day 2016 took place in Tartu, and the event was mostly centered on a topical issue in the start-up world – how to earn if there’s nothing to burn? The aim was to reach as many university students, fledgling startuppers, but also more advanced entrepreneurs, in order to create an environment for people to exchange their experiences, thoughts and ideas. A truly successful turnout, with 40 percent of visitors being students, and over 3000 attendees, which made this the biggest business event in the history of Estonia. By focusing on the beginnings in a start-up environment, topics included everything from having an idea or an entrepreneurial mindset to having a business model that creates positive cash flow, a well-known product or growth-phase investments, and strategies. With the help of one of the keynote speakers, Ravi Belani, the discussion revolved around how and why startups so often burn money, and why so little of them succeed in the end.

New Approach to Learning – How it Looks In a Classroom?
Location: Estonia
Implementing Organization: Noored Kooli
Speaker: Mr. James Basham, Associate Professor in Kansas University
Project Dates: March 23, 2017

A conference “New Approach to Learning – How it Looks in a Classroom?” organized by Noored Kooli and Tallinn University, was designed for teachers with a range of experiences, with the goal to create a space for participants to discuss what student-centered learning is and what it looks like in a classroom. The featured presentation was given by James D. Basham from the University of Kansas, who is also the Cofounder and Executive Director of UDL-IRN (Universal Design for Learning Implementation and Research Network). For educators in Estonia, it was an opportunity to learn how to design a learning experience in a way that supports every child, and with practical guidelines that would allow for immediate implementation. In addition to the theoretical portion, workshops and seminars were held where participants could already put into practice what they learnt.

Festival Jazzkaar Jazztalks: “Music Critic – a Friend or a Foe of the Musician?”
Location: Estonia
Implementing Organization: MTÜ Jazzkaare Sõprade Ühing
Speaker: Mr. Andrey Henkin, Editorial Director of New York Jazz Record Project Dates: March 27, 2017

With inception in 1990, Tallinn International Festival Jazzkaar is the biggest Jazz Festival in the Baltics. Combining an interesting and unique program with a bold solution, Jazzkaar creates one of the best jazz festivals by bringing the biggest and most interesting research from the world’s jazz scene to Tallinn and Estonia. Jazz Talks is a meeting place for the world’s Jazz Festival organizers, top foreign journalists, musicians, culture promoters, and melomaniacs. Talks took place throughout several days, with one topic titled “The Music Critic – a Friend or Foe of the Musician“. With help of the U.S. expert, Andrey Henkin, the American and Estonian experts were brought together to network and share their knowledge. In addition, local musicians had the chance to showcase their talents for future potential collaborations.

Cyber Security Summer School 2017
Location: Estonia
Implementing Organization: Hariduse Infotehnoloogia Sihtasutus
Speaker: Mr. Jeffrey Moulton, Executive Director of Stephenson’s National Center for Security Research and Training and the Transformation Technologies and Cyber Research Center at Louisiana State University (LSU)
Project Dates: July 10 – 14, 2017

The objective in creating the Cyber Security Summer School was to elevate Estonia’s reputation as a nation focused on incorporating cyber security into higher education and scientific development. In addition, the program seeks to facilitate the acquisition and sharing of skills geared towards promising security in a future information society. This time the focus was on social engineering. Mr. Jeffrey Moulton addressed privacy issues in the cyber world. In his talks, he detailed why we should be careful with revealing personal information and why cyber hygiene is so important.

Energy and Electrical Engineering Seminars
Location: Latvia
Implementing Organization: Riga Technical University
Speaker: Dr. Aaron Grecko
Project Dates: May 23­—30, 2017 The highlight event was Dr. Harold Kirkhams’s appearance at the RTU doctoral school, where he gave a speech “The Third Revolution in Measurement” which was well received by professors from Latvia (RTU) Lithuania (KTU), Estonia (TTU) and Germany (Rheinisch-Westfaelische Technische Hochschule Aachen). The doctoral school at RTU is bringing together aspired PhD students, graduate students, professors and researchers involved in many specializations, for this exceptional seminar event. The multinational audience consisted of mainly academic participants (professors, PhD students, post-grads, senior researchers and scientists totaling 43 overall participants) from five countries. Additionally the visit to the largest Latvian distribution system operator AS “Sadales tīkls” was on the agenda. In the successful meeting with four representatives from smart grid projects and metering operations, professionals discussed the smart grid situations in both Latvia and the USA.

The Sound We See: Riga
Location: Latvia
Implementing Organization: Association “Makslas platforma” Project Dates: July 3—25, 2017

An audiovisual project The Sound We See: Riga was produced by Association ‘Makslas platforma’ in cooperation with the art and culture website, and the non-profit media arts organization Echo Park Film Center (Los Angeles, USA). During the project, participants were involved in seven masterclasses, in which they were introduced to camera mechanics, shooting, hand-processing and editing. By working together, participants learned how to shoot, process and edit 16mm film; for most participants this was a first-time experience with filmmaking. Participants were also asked to zoom in on their own cities, discussing its architecture, history, areas, and their memories of particular places. Each participant then had to photograph the area in the city they chose during one hour of the 24-hour cycle.

Professional Training for Judges and Prosecutors on Fighting Child Sex Abuse
Location: Latvia
Implementing Organization: Latvian Judicial Training Centre Speaker: Philip Koss and Miriam Falk
Project Dates: March 27—31, 2017 Latvian Training Centre (LJTC) organized two training seminars for legal practitioners and focused on improving the interests of child victims of sex abuse. Both seminars honed in on the best interests of children who are involved in criminal proceedings. Participants were challenged to look beyond their usual roles as a judge, prosecutor or state official. Events were carried out with an interdisciplinary approach in order to tackle the problem of child sex abuse from new angles. Among the speakers were judges, prosecutors, investigators, clinical psychologists, NGO experts and the Director of State Inspectorate of Protection of Children’s Rights. Each speaker shared their professional experience, complementing each other and thus creating a holistic program.


The Latest Developments in Crisis Intervention

Location: Latvia
Implementing Organization: Crisis and Counseling Center “Skalbes” Speaker: Jeffrey T. Mitchell
Project Dates: October 6 – 7, 2016 Professor Jeffrey T. Mitchell (University of Maryland, Baltimore, and President Emeritus of the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation) presented his lecture at the University of Latvia before crisis intervention professionals (i.e. psychologists, medical professionals, social workers, police and fire rescue officials), students and faculty members. The event was a two-day seminar and workshop for psychologists, crisis counselors, social workers, psychotherapists, psychology educators and students from Lithuania and Estonia. The seminar focused on the mechanism of providing individual and group support, not only for civilians, but also for emergency services professionals, who often suffer from secondary traumatization as a result of their assistance to others in crisis situations. This was a tremendous opportunity for professionals to draw on from the Professor’s extensive experience in the field, while learning about the most up-to-date techniques in crisis intervention methods and reflecting on their own previous cases of crisis intervention.

International Conference “Digital Freedom Festival”

Location: Latvia
Implementing Organization: Nordic Reputation Hub
Project Dates: November 27 – 29, 2016

The Digital Freedom Festival (DFF), an annual international event covering topics like technology, policy, start-ups and lifestyle, brings together start-up entrepreneurs, policymakers, investors, journalists and students from across the globe to Riga for a glimpse of the newest and latest technologies. This festival becomes a platform for exploring way for collaboration between the public, policymakers and entrepreneurs, while harnessing the advantages of technology. The event also facilitates discussion amongst all stakeholders on how to make the world a better place, and how the benefits of the digital revolution can be enjoyed by every member of society. The program touched upon a range of themes, including e-governance, shared economy, smart cities, cybersecurity, and start-up development. Discussions on digital freedom, a meaningful use of technologies, and investor pitching was also part of the agenda. In addition, the festival featured several supplementary events, such as a start-up pitching competition, masterclasses and speed-dating with investors.

Lectures and Seminar on Contemporary Problems with White Etching Crack Failure Mode in Wind Turbine Bearings

Location: Latvia
Implementing Organization: University of Latvia
Speaker: Dr. Aaron Greco
Project Dates: September 19 – 23, 2016

Lectures and a seminar were led by Dr. Aaron Greco within the course “Specialization Seminar on Macroscopic Phenomena II: Problems of Environmental and Technological Processes” (Master’s program in physics). The lectures provided an introduction to physical and engineering aspects of rolling/sliding contact, offered an overview of failure modes experienced by wind turbine bearings, and included a seminar. The audience enjoyed and benefited from the lectures as well as the follow-up discussion. The workshop concluded with a discussion about contemporary views on the discussed failure mode. The event was very important for students mastering in Physics at University of Latvia, since applied mechanics are generally presented in the study program in a fragmented manner. Students were given the unique opportunity to hear a general overview of the topic from the experienced researcher and active scientist. The presentations and lecture notes were also shared with the course tutor for further use in the course.

Scientific-Practical Conference “Sexual Abuse: Problems and Solutions”

Sexual Abuse: Problems and Solutions Location: Lithuania
Implementing Organization: Lithuanian Mental Health Institute Speaker: Dr. David Hof, Dr. Daniel Hof
Project Dates: September 22-26, 2016

The one-day conference “Sexual Abuse: Problems and Solutions” was held on September 23, 2016, in Kaunas, Lithuania. The conference was jointly coordinated by the Lithuanian Mental Health Institute and Vytautas Magnus University, Department of Psychology and Psychological Clinic. 198 professionals (students, psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, and teachers) attended the event. The first portion of the conference consisted of a scientific discussion about sexual abuse in Lithuania. The second portion was a practical workshop featuring two US experts, Dr. David Hof and Dr. Daniel Hof, who introduced potential solutions and provided conference participants with some practical skills for working with sex offenders. On September 26, a group of 26 participants (students and faculty members of VMU) attended Dr. David Hof and Dr. Daniel Hof’s lecture “Wellness in the Helping Profession”. Psychologists, social workers, psychotherapists and counselors were introduced to a counseling protocol which could be directly utilized in their treatment of sex offender patients or victims of sexual abuse. The conference stressed the immediate connection between sexual victimization and future sexual abuses. The conference will encourage mental health specialists to take on sex offenders as their patients, and will help to improve mental health services for patients with various sexual problems.

Physical Activity Policy for Children

Physical Activity Policy for Children Location: Lithuania
Implementing Organization: Lithuanian Sports University Speaker: Prof. Monica Lounsbery
Project Dates: October 10 – 14, 2016

U.S. researcher, Prof. Dr. Monica Lounsbery, enlightened students and faculty members with her knowledge of physical activity policy for the schools, about the process of evaluating and implementing such policies, and how to establish collaboration amongst Baltic universities and institutions. Lithuanian Sports University hosted a series of meetings where Prof. Lounsbery appeared before LSU students, Physical Education teachers, LSU authorities and faculty members, and representatives of various Lithuanian governmental institutions, including the Ministry of Education and Science and the Ministry of Health. Representatives of Physical Education teachers from the University of Tartu and Latvian Academy of Sports Education were also among the attendees. Her visit spawned a research collaboration between the LSU and California State University which will focus on physical activity in children. In addition, with a collaboration involving the Ministry of Education and Science, physical activity policy in Lithuanian schools is expected to be viewed as part of the school health index, and changes in physical activity policy are on the horizon.

Dan Hamilton’s Research Workshop on Political Science and Society: “Relevance of political science in contemporary society: bridging the gap between academia and policymaking” and Public Lecture “The state of transatlantic relations and the possible impact of US presidential elections”

Relevance of political science in contemporary society Location: Lithuania
Implementing Organization: Institute of International Relations and Political Science, Vilnius University
Speakers: Daniel Hamilton
Project dates: September 26-28, 2016 Dr. Daniel Hamilton, Executive Director of the Center for Transatlantic Relations for John Hopkins University SAIS, led the week-long methodological workshop “Relevance of political science in contemporary society: bridging the gap between academia and policymaking” for PhD students and faculty members at the Institute of International Relations and Political Science at Vilnius University (Lithuania). In addition, he gave his public lecture, “The state of transatlantic relations and possible impact of US presidential elections”, at the Institute of International Relations and Political Science at Vilnius University (Lithuania), at Riga Stockholm School of Economics (Latvia), and at Skytte Institute of Political Studies at the University of Tartu (Estonia). There were several motivations behind this lecture event, the first being the significant and forthcoming change in U.S. foreign policy with the looming Presidential elections. Mr. Daniel Hamilton’s visit happened less than two months before the presidential elections, when the Democratic and Republican candidates had already received their party’s nominations, and both campaigns were in full swing. Thus, the theme was a hotly-debated topic among Baltic top-ranking politicians, political scientists, academics and the public. Mr. Hamilton’s lecture provided a very welcome and well-informed platform for exchanging opinions and hearing academic insights from an expert in the field for over 30 years. In the lecture, Mr. Hamilton focused on various contingencies for each candidate, and the implications of their victories for the transatlantic and European economic and security agendas.

International Seminar “Kinesiology of the Hip and Shoulder: Establishing Foundations for Physical Therapy Assessment and Treatment”

Kinesiology of the Hip and Shoulder Location: Lithuania
Implementing Organization: Lithuanian Sports University Speakers: Dr. Donald A. Neumann
Project dates: November 18-28, 2016 The Lithuanian Sports University hosted Dr. Donald A. Neumann of Marquette University for the International seminar “Kinesiology of the Hip and Shoulder: Establishing Foundations for Physical Therapy Assessment and Treatment”. LSU Physical Therapy students and professionals were also able to attend other related seminars and expert talks in the schedule of events. The Physical Therapy seminar was geared towards practicing physical therapy clinicians, and highlighted intermediate and advanced concepts of clinical kinesiology. Example pathokinesiology case studies incited fruitful discussion on possible diagnoses and treatments. This project and the experience shared by Dr. Neumann resulted in the formation and incorporation of an Advanced Kinesiology course into LSU’s study program, as well as a discussion on acquiring laboratory equipment for kinesiology research.

The Symposia “Multiple Myeloma 2016 – State of The Art”

Multiple Myeloma 2016 - State of The Art Location: Estonia
Implementing Organization: Faculty of Medicine, University of Tartu
Speakers: Prof. Nikhil Munshi, Dr. Rao Prabhala, Dr. Masood Shammas, post-doctoral fellow Subodh Kumar
Project dates: September 9, 2016

The goal of the symposium was to fortify the scientific collaboration between Prof. Hele Evearus’s research group from Tartu University and Prof. Nikhil Munshi’s group from the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, thus, in turn, improving the likelihood of survival for myeloma patients in Estonia. Students, PhD students and researchers who attended Prof. Munshi’s state-of-the-art lecture learned about the new diagnostic criteria for multiple myeloma, and discussed other related topics, such as the U.S. guidelines on multiple myeloma, or the latest drug treatments. A mutual agreement to continue scientific research was secured between Prof. Munshi’s and Prof. Evearus’s group: young researchers from TU will be welcomed to do scientific research in Prof. Munshi’s group, and applications to foundations like BAFF are encouraged.

Civil-Military Relations: Political, Sociological and Theoretical Perspectives

Civil-Military Relations: Political, Sociological and Theoretical Perspectives Location: Estonia
Implementing Organization: University of Tartu
Speakers: Dr. Rebecca Schiff
Project dates: November 14-15, 2016

A two-day event at two venues in Tartu (the Baltic Defense College and the University of Tartu) featured Dr. Rebecca Schiff, from the U.S. Naval War College, who presented theories on civil-military relations and their political, sociological and theoretical perspectives. Participants included civil servants from the Baltic Defense College representing all three Baltic States, as well as members of Tallinn University, University of Tartu, the Estonian Ministry of Defense, the Estonian Defense Forces, the Estonian Defense League, the Women´s Voluntary Defense Organization, the Estonian War College and the University of Copenhagen. The lectures centered around Dr. Schiff´s Concordance Theory, and concluded with interactive discussions between the students from all three Baltic countries and Denmark. Participants also brainstormed solutions to two hypothetical case studies: one in a world with NATO and another one in a world without NATO.

Training for Trainers and Teachers of Economics and Entrepreneurship

Training for Trainers and Teachers of Economics and Entrepreneurship Location: Estonia
Implementing Organization: Junior Achievement
Speakers: Prof. John Brock
Project dates: October 24-30, 2016 Junior Achievement Estonia hosted a workshop training event for economics and entrepreneurship teachers and trainers under the guidance of Prof. John Brock from the University of Colorado. The main objective was to highlight new learning and teaching methods for Estonian teachers. John Brock demonstrated various active learning methods for teaching basic entrepreneurship concepts, and showed how education and economic knowledge can facilitate the job-hunting or start-up processes. Teachers were introduced to various methods for integrating economics and entrepreneurship into their lessons. The 40 trainers and teachers who participated in the workshop plan to incorporate their new-found knowledge and skills into their classrooms in Estonia. Many teaching materials have been translated and adapted into the Estonian language as a financial support towards achieving this goal.


Dialogue-Based Learning: Creativity and Museum Practice

Baltic American Research Collaboration

Location: Latvia
Implementing Organization: Latvian Academy of Culture
Speaker: Linda Norris
Project Dates: February 8 – 21, 2016

Museums are no longer temples for scholars only: now exhibitions should provide meaningful experiences for families as well. This project was organized to explore different creativity theories, how to adapt content, and how to work with a spectrum of learners and learning styles. In addition to round-table discussions and numerous workshops (i.e. Developing family friendly exhibits; Creating a Great Tour, Visitor voices in museums), museum expert, Linda Norris, presented two significant studies about museums in the United States, and how museums can serve as bridges connecting all segments of a community. It offered an incredible experience where participants gained insight into designing guided tours that inspire visitors.

Dramaturgy Workshops in Riga and Vilnius

Baltic American Research Collaboration

Location: Latvia and Lithuania
Implementing Organization: Latvian Academy of Culture Speaker:Anne G. Morgan and Jen Silverman
Project Dates: May 2 – 13, 2016

The Latvian Academy of Culture, in collaboration with the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre, carried out the intensive dramaturgy workshops of American dramaturge, Anne G. Morgan, and playwright, Jen Silverman, in Riga and Vilnius. During both workshops, Anne G. Morgan introduced the trends of American playwriting, American methods of new play development and production, and discussed the role of American playwrights. Mr. J. Silverman runs practical sessions on playwriting techniques, prompts, exercises, and text analysis. During the workshop, participants developed and fine-tuned their texts which were presented at the final New Drama Evening. As a segue to the workshops, a separate seminar allowed participants to share their workshop experiences with others. Several other related events took place in Riga and Vilnius, such as an open lecture on trends in American playwriting, which drew in Latvian producers, playwrights, director and actors for participation and discussion.

Economic Freedom in the Baltic States: A Look Back and a Way Forward

Baltic American Research Collaboration

Location: Lithuania
Implementing Organization: LCC International University Speaker: Dr. Robert Lawson, Southern Methodist University, Dallas (Texas)
Project Dates: March 20 – 25, 2016

LCC International University organized a series of presentations by Dr. Robert Lawson, a faculty member at the O’Neil Center for Global Markets and Freedom of the Cox School of Business, which is part of Southern Methodist University. Dr. Lawson coauthors the Economic Freedom of the World report, issued annually since 1996, as well as discussions on Economic Freedom in the Baltic States: A Look Back and a Way Forward: analysis of Estonia, Lithuania, and Latvia’s economic freedom rankings as 22nd, 27th, and 44th in the world. During Dr. Robert Lawson’s visit to all three Baltic States, four events were held in Klaipeda, Vilnius, Riga and Tallinn, consisting of open lectures and subsequent roundtable discussions. All participants gained insight into the latest research, after which, were invited to ask questions. Dr. Robert Lawson met colleagues/scholars, and, during open discussions, listened to the opinions of the citizens from the countries featured in these rankings.

International Conference “VoluntYear 2016”

Baltic American Research Collaboration

Location: Lithuania
Implementing Organization: Kaunas University of Technology Speaker: Dr. Thomas A. Bryer, Associate Professor, University of Central Florida (Florida)
Project Dates: March 31 – April 5, 2016

The conference “VoluntYear 2016” drew in more than 100 local and foreign participants from Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Italy, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and other EU countries, all representing diverse segments of society. The key speaker of the conference, Thomas A. Bryer, presented studies and research on volunteerism in both the U.S. as well as other countries that carry deep-seated traditions in volunteering. The conference served as an effective platform for reinforcing participation and brainstorming new methods of collaboration between Baltic and American universities (Kaunas University of Technology, University of Latvia, and University of Central Florida) in concert with NGOs involved in volunteerism. The conference, initiated by KUT, encouraged the academic community to engage more actively in volunteering activities, and provided an opportunity for disseminating information about volunteering and the core values of civil society.

Transparency International Summer School on Integrity 2016

Baltic American Research Collaboration

Location: Lithuania
Implementing Organization: Transparency International Lithuania Speaker: Mr. Frank Vogl
Project Dates: July 4 – 10, 2016

The Lithuanian chapter of Transparency International organized the 7th Annual Transparency International School on Integrity. TI Lithuania has been organizing the Transparency International Summer School on Integrity since 2010. In 2016, the School hosted more than 120 participants from 60 countries worldwide to discuss the issue of corruption in the public and private sectors, and to underline ways for active citizens to engage in grass-roots activities while pursuing change. Mr. Vogl held a session on the impact of corruption, delved into its repercussions and methods of countervailing, and provided students with individual consultations.

BIMsummit Estonia

Baltic American Research Collaboration

Location: Estonia
Implementing Organization: Tallinn University of Technology Speakers: Erik J. Sanford – BIM Director, Dimeo Construction Company; Jeremy T. Thibodeau – VDC Manager, Skanska USA Building Project dates: April 19 – 20, 2016

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a new and evolving product of innovation in construction management. In order to inspire and motivate Estonian construction professionals and students to adopt BIM, a 2-day training conference, BIMsummit Estonia, was held in Tallinn. This event gave industry stakeholders a detailed and practical overview of how BIM is being harnessed in other countries (particularly in the USA) and a forum for discussing BIM implementation in Estonia. A total of 201 people attended the BIMsummit event.

Baltic Experts



Speaker: Dr. Aušra Brazaityte Baltic American Research Collaboration Home Institution: Lithuanian Research Center for Agriculture and Forestry Presentation: “Light quality: growth and nutritional value of microgreens under indoor and greenhouse conditions” at the 8th International Symposium on Light in Horticulture, East Lansing (Michigan)
Project Dates: May 22 – 26, 2016 The 8th International Symposium on Light in Horticulture was held from May 22 – 26, 2016 at Michigan State University. This symposium was held under the auspices of the International Society for Horticultural Science (ISHS), the world’s leading independent organization of horticultural scientists. 245 participants from 26 countries attended the symposium. Dr. Aušra Brazaityte delivered two presentations at this symposium, one titled “Light quality: growth and nutritional value of microgreens under indoor and greenhouse conditions”, which was presented in the section “Sole-source lighting of vegetable crops”. In this presentation, Aušra reviewed her study on the effects of the light spectrum on the microgreens. This study is a part of the project “The management of microgreens’ nutritional quality in light culture system” of the Lithuanian National Research Program “Healthy and Safe Food”.

Speaker: Ms. Piret Hussar, Professor (Assoc.) at the Chair of Histology and Embryology at University of Tartu

Baltic American Research Collaboration

Home Institution: University of Tartu
Presentation: “Comparative Study of Hexose Transporters in Ostriches Small Intestine” at the 11th International Congress of Vertebrate Morphology in Washington, D.C., USA.
Project Dates: June 29 – July 3, 2016

Piret Hussar presented her research in a poster-presentation “A Comparative Study of Hexose Transporters in Ostriches’ Small Intestines”. Ostriches play an important role in current agricultural industries (as a low-cholesterol meat product) as well as in the medical industries (ostrich eyes are considered ideal for human corneal transplant). However, in ostrich farms, the mortality rate of ostrich chicks in their first postnatal month can reach up to 46%. The results of the study allude to a close relation between feeding and their ability to transport sugars in the gastrointestinal tract, thus providing valuable information to ostrich farmers and food producers.


US-Estonia Film Mentorship Program @19th Black Nights Film Festival & Industry@Tallinn

Ties to the Land

Location: Estonia
Speakers: John Heinsen, CEO & Executive Producer, Bunnygraph Entertainment; Brian Yuzna, Director & Producer (Reanimator, Beyond, Society); John Von Thaden, Vice President of Acquisitions, Magnolia Pictures; Ian Hollander, Associate Programmer, Tribeca Film Festival; David Traub, Technology Visionary, Producer, Venture Capital Investor, Epiphany Film Fund
Implementing Organization: NGO Black Nights Film Festival Project dates: November 14 – 19, 2015

The US-Estonia Film Mentorship program was a 4-day networking, training and consultation project organized by the industry office to the Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival during the annual Industry@Tallinn summit. Skills and know-how were shared through mentor-oriented deliveries, panel discussions and workshops. During the program, Estonian and visiting talents from across Europe engaged in private meetings with mentors, while meaningful connections between the Baltic region and the US independent film sector were secured for future partnerships.

Baltic Experts

Speaker: Dr. Saulius Grybkauskas

Ties to the Land

Home Institution: Lithuanian Institute of History
Presentation: “Kremlin Agencies on the Soviet Periphery” at the Hoover’s Workshop on Totalitarian Regimes, Hoover Institution, Stanford University (California)
Location: Lithuania
Project Dates: July 19 – 31, 2015

Every year, Hoover’s Workshop on Totalitarian Regimes invites leading scholars from the U.S., Europe and Asia who specialize in researching the history, economy and political development of Eastern Europe and China. By bringing together the scholars who study the various regimes, the workshop promotes the comparative study of modes of personal dictatorship, of institutions of coercion and repression, and of the economic and social consequences of totalitarian rule. In his presentation, Kremlin Agencies on the Soviet Periphery, Dr. Grybkauskas offered an overview of his research on soviet industrial management, KGB, nomenklatura networks, and second party secretaries of Communist parties in soviet Baltic republics. The Workshop provided a prime opportunity for presenters and attendees to share research with leading scholars of soviet history, to network with academics as well as the managers from Hoover Institution Press. Speaker: Ms. Lina Gervinskaite-Paulaitiene

Ties to the Land

Home Institution: Vilnius University
Presentation: An Exploratory Study of Attachment Representations in Fostered Lithuanian Children at the International Attachment Conference 2015, the New School, University Center, New York (NY) Project Dates: August 6 – 8, 2015

The 7th International Attachment Conference (IAC) was held for the first time outside of Europe. The New York City IAC brought together scholars, students, and mental health professionals advocating for current advances in developmental, clinical, and social psychology, neuroscience, nursing, psychiatry, psychoanalysis, psychotherapy and allied disciplines. All attendees shared the common belief of the fundamental importance of interpersonal relationships, the foundation being a secure and responsive caregiver helping infants to regulate their arousal and distress. Lina Gervinskaite’s presentation focused on the degree in which attachment figures and attachment relationships are manifested in children with adverse experiences in their life, and how the possible influence of culture can be evident in attachment narratives of Lithuanian examples. The conference provided opportunities for networking, exchanges of ideas, for envisaging prospective joint research projects or publications, or for sharing research results.
Speaker: Ms. Mai Uibu, Senior Research Scientist at Tallinn University of Technology

Ties to the Land

Presentation: “Utilization of oil shale ash as a concrete constituent and carbon sink” at The Fifth International Conference on Accelerated Carbonation for Environmental and Material Engineering in New York City, USA.
Home Institution: Tallinn University of Technology
Project dates: June 21 – 24, 2015

The objective of the conference series was to communicate and discuss the latest advances in the theoretical and applied research on accelerated carbonation of various types of natural materials and industrial residues. The aim of the conference was also to promote mineral carbonation in the context of carbon capture and storage. Mai Uibu was a featured presenter in the ACEME 2015 conference, which was specifically focused on CO2 mineralization, and organized by the world’s leading scientists in the field of carbon capture, storage and utilization. She introduced Estonia`s input into these fields, and expounded her original research results in an oral presentation “Utilization of oil shale ash as a concrete constituent and carbon sink”.

A Cycle of Seminars “Argumentation in Science Education”

Baltic American Research Collaboration

Location: Latvia
Implementing Organization: The Center for Science and Mathematics Education of University of Latvia in collaboration with Faculty of Biology, Faculty of Chemistry, Faculty of Education, Psychology and Art, Faculty of Geography and Earth Sciences, Faculty of Physics and Mathematics
Speaker: Prof. Jonathan Osborne
Project Dates: November 9 – 15, 2015

The cycle of seminars “Argumentation in Science Education” led by Professor Osborne established sustainable cooperation and fostered the exchange of ideas between education experts from the U.S. and Latvia. The seminars enabled the speaker and a number of STEM teachers, teacher educators, researchers, lecturers, undergraduates, PhD students and education experts in Latvia to share their experience and good practices, to develop their understanding about argumentative competence in science education in Latvia and the United States. The Professor’s visit in Riga helped to develop the professional capacity of teacher educators, researchers and lecturers on topics concerning not only argumentation in science education, but also broader issues of continuous professional development for teachers. Professor Osborne also led sessions on argumentation in science education, including topics such as the dialogic approach to teaching science, Next Generation Science Standards in the United States, approaches on how to improve teachers’ capacity to develop argumentative competence, methods on how to improve student understanding of the nature of scientific inquiry, and catalyzing comprehension through discussion and debate.

International Conscious Governance Forum: Leading The Systemic Social Change. Frames and Lessons of The Socio-economic Reforms.

Baltic American Research Collaboration

Location: Lithuania
Implementing Organization: Association of Persons with disabilities of Lithuania
Speaker: Professor Emeritus William R. Torbert
Project Dates: September 21 – 25, 2015 International Conscious Governance Forum was organized to bring the Globally Renown and Awarded Transformational Leadership Professor William R. Torbert to Lithuania and to facilitate the workshop with his team. On the basis of the information presented at The Forum and The Secondary seminar, the first cross-sectoral social service cluster had been initiated in the district of Kaisiadorys, including 10 various stakeholders, representing social service institution, municipality, schools and other. The initiative group of the cluster developed significant dialogue that enabled participants to see cross-sector collaboration opportunities. The cluster will be a pilot model to solve challenging problem – the implementation of the systemic Socio-economic reforms: from Institutional to community-based Care strategies.

Methodological seminars EU Institutional design and political economy: research instruments and up-to-date research problems and public lecture

Baltic American Research Collaboration

Location: Lithuania
Implementing Organization: Vilnius University
Speaker: Professor Craig Parsons
Project Dates: September 14 – 17, 2015 The visit of professor Craig Parsons (Oregon University, USA) to the Baltic States conducting methodological seminars for PhD and MA students and faculty members and a public lecture “Think the US Market Is More Unified and Liberalized than the EU? Think again!”. Prof. Parsons questioned statements that USA economy is an example of well-functioning, highly integrated and liberalized economic model and showed that both EU and USA can learn from each other to become more competitive and sophisticated economies. In the context of the negotiations between EU and USA on Transatlantic free trade agreement it was highly relevant to get a deeper and more comprehensive knowledge of both entities’ economic models and differences of regulations among various economic sectors. In addition, this visit of professor boosted students’ interest in such study fields as: transatlantic relations, a state role in the economy, political economy, institutions and economic models of the European Union. Furthermore, students and academic staff of all 3 institutions have had an opportunity to broaden their knowledge in USA internal market regulations as well in up-to-date scientific research design. Enhanced knowledge will enable to conduct more sophisticated research and provide better recommendations for policy makers.

Contribution of renewables in energy security

Ties to the Land

Location: Latvia
Implementing Organization: Institute of Energy Systems and Environment, Riga Technical University
Speaker: Professor Arunachala Nadar Mada Kannan
Project Dates: October 12 – 18, 2015

The Institute of Energy Systems and Environment at Riga Technical University organized lectures and discussions on the latest innovations in the field of energy and environmental protection, delivered by Professor A.M. Kannan from Arizona State University. The event fostered the exchange of scientific ideas and supported diffusion of innovations. Professor Kannan has an extensive experience in the field of renewable energy technologies as well as designing complex engineering systems. The scientific classification of Professor Kannan is best outlined by the vast number of scientific publications – 73 of these are indexed in SCOPUS and 57 in ISI Web of Science databases (the largest scientific bibliography databases used in European universities). The continuity and wider geographical coverage of scientific ideas in the field of energy security and renewables carried out by conference attendees, since the methodologies developed, used and presented in the event by Professor Kannan will be applied for further case studies in Baltic States region, both by students and academic staff. This opportunity increased state-of – the – art in the modelling practices and will develop scientific excellence.


Baltic American Research Collaboration Meeting

Baltic American Research Collaboration Location: Latvia
Implementing Organization: University of Latvia, Faculty of Medicine, Department of Pharmacology
Speaker: Inga Kadish; Harry V. Vinters
Project Dates: April 23th-24th, 2015 The University of Latvia (UL)

Faculty of Medicine Department of Pharmacology and the Latvian Society of Pharmacology organized the Baltic American Research Collaboration Meeting, devoted to neurosciences and pharmacology, which took place in the University of Latvia Great Hall and the Small Hall on April 23 and 24, 2015. Productive collaboration in science is sustained by the opportunity to meet in person to discuss scientific achievements and future plans. The main goal of the conference was to bridge together basic and clinical scientists across the Baltic countries with scientists from the U.S. and other European countries working in the field of neurodegeneration (especially Alzheimer’s Disease; AD) and pharmacology. Over two days the newest findings and knowledge on AD and possible treatment were exchanged through presentations and posters. New scientific projects were discussed. An additional goal of the organizers was to promote a message from the scientific community explaining and informing the public about the value of brain research via media like the University radio, the magazine “Alma Mater,” Latvia Radio 1 and elsewhere. The size of the audience was 97 people on the first day and 50 on the second day. The audience consisted mainly of scientists, doctoral students and master and bachelor program students.

Ties To The Land – support to development of extension and cooperation in private forest sector

Ties to the Land Location: Latvia
Implementing Organization: Fund for Developing Latvia Agriculture
Speaker: Kirk David; Madeline David
Project Dates: May, 14-22nd, 2015 Main target of the event is to provide new knowledge and approach of forestry extension and advisory specialists and people from associations and other organizations involved in informal education of land owners in Latvia and the Baltic countries. Knowledge and “know-how” transfer is planned for various target (stakeholder) groups. Exchange of experiences among experts from the USA and Latvia, as well as other Baltic countries, is important to understand challenges and possibilities in developing private forest sector. Speakers Kirk and Madeline David from Idaho State are extension specialists of private forest sector. Kirk has wide experience in operation of various organizations – private forest owner association, forest service, nature department, American tree farm system (certification), society of American foresters and other institutions. Some activities of the event are organized together with the Forest Advisory and Consultancy center (FASC), the PDF (formerly WWF Latvia) and the Latvia Forest Owner Association (LFOA). Also private forest sector related representatives from Estonia and Lithuania participated in the event.

Tallinn Music Week 2015

Tallinn Music Week 2015 Location: Estonia Implementing Organization: Elava Muusika Ühing MTÜ Project Dates: March 25-28th, 2015 Tallinn Music Week is an annually held music industry conference and one of the biggest indoor festivals in the Nordic-Baltic region. The seventh edition of TMW took place from 25th to 28th March 2015 in Tallinn, Estonia. The mission of the festival is to provide a networking tool and platform for Nordic-Baltic music industries and to enhance the development of regional music industry. The festival brings together around 800 music industry players, the artist line-up presents more than 200 Estonian and international acts from diverse musical genres, attracting an enthusiastic audience of nearly 20 000 music lovers from Estonia and its neighboring countries. The internationally recognized event serves both as an effective networking platform for industry professionals and a diving-board for emerging acts around the world to get noticed by international and local talent-spotters and media.


Cross cultural dialogue “Dare to Share

Location: Lithuania Implementing Organization: Urban Dance Theater – Low air Speaker: Ronald K. Brown, Evidence, A Dance Company Project Dates: August 25-September 14th, 2014 Image from the project Short Description: The project aimed to inspire the next generation to the art of dance. The invited choreographer, Mr. Ronald A. Williams, is considered to be one of the most influential artists in the U.S. Mr. Williams shared his knowledge and individual experience in various cultures. After the workshops, additional discussions were held with the aim to create a network among young professionals from the Baltics and the U.S. and invite young artists to participate in activities related to social matters.

The Riga Conference 2014

Location: Latvia Implementing Organization: LATO (Latvian Transatlantic Organization) Project Dates: September 12-13th, 2014 Image from the project Short Description: The Riga Conference 2014, the 9th annual high-level meeting of local and global security policy-makers and experts in Riga, convened during the 10th anniversary of Latvia’s accession to NATO and the EU. Throughout the two conference days, participants debated a number of topics: the impact of the armed conflict in Ukraine, the widening schism between Russia and the West on European security and the post-Cold War order, the state of the North Atlantic alliance after the Wales Summit and in the wake of the draw-down in Afghanistan, and what is next for the EU Eastern Partnership countries and what progress can be expected by the Riga Eastern Partnership Summit. The Conference was significant to express regional views on current events in the global agenda and how the Baltic States are affected by regional conflicts. Regionally the Conference served as an important background to promote the regional interests and priorities in foreign and defense policy. With the support of the Baltic-American Freedom Foundation program, the Baltic-American Dialogue organizers were able to extend co-operation and exchange ideas with U.S. experts an important factor from both sides.

Lectures on construction safety, quality and productivity for students and professionals

Location: Latvia Implementing Organization: Riga Technical University (RTU) Speaker: Dr. Mumtaz Usmen, Wayne State University Project Dates: September 20-27th, 2014 Image from the project Short Description: On September 21-27, 2014 Riga Technical University organized lectures on construction safety, quality and productivity. The invited speaker was Professor Mumtaz Usmen from Wayne State University in the U.S. The main audience included students, local professionals, and representatives from the Baltic region. In addition, there was a public lecture on the topic of “Construction Failures: Causal Factors and Prevention.” During the event Professor Usmen analyzed real cases and talked about the experience U.S. specialists had gained and how such cases led to change of the law in order to prevent accidents of that nature in the future.

Change Management in social services sector

Location: Estonia Implementing Organization: Astangu Vocational Rehabilitation Centre and Valakupiai Vocational Rehabilitation Centre Speaker: Allyson McDonald Project Dates: October 2014 and February 2015 Image from the project Short Description: The main aim of this project was to carry out a training program for managers of 2 vocational rehabilitation providers from Estonia and Lithuania. The training program combined theoretical information provided by Ph.D. Fred R. McFarlane with practical change initiatives proposed by the participants in the training. The above allows more effective change management in the future, as participants gained skills necessary to manage projects in a very well-analyzed manner and avoid potential problems. The first training session was held in Tallinn on October 28-30, 2014 and the main topics were:

  1. “Organizations and the constant changes and developments that are occurring in our Environments”
  2. “The four frames for organizational change: structural, human resource, political and symbolic”
  3. “The change model including the four frames, the open systems planning approach and the areas of impact for organizational change”
  4. “How do we use our organizational knowledge to insure relevancy and focus?”
  5. “ Employee engagement, its importance and a discussion of strategies to address your colleagues”


Winter Academy Conference 2014, “Prevention of Pollution”

Speaker: Richard Reibstein Implementing Organization: MTU TalveAkadeemia (Tallinn, Estonia) Project Dates: February/March, 2014

“Lectures on dynamic modelling of complex environments – empowerment of Estonian SEAS”

Speaker: Alok R. Chaturvedi Implementing Organization: Estonian Police and Border Guard Board (Tallinn, Estonia) Project Dates: February, 2014

Creative Excellence Festival Adwards 2014

Speaker: Saneel Radia Implementing Organization: Latvian Art Director’s Club Project Dates: April 2014

International Financial Markets Conference

Speaker: Peter Kohli Implementing Organization: Lithuanian Financial Markets Institute (Vilnius, Lithuania) Project Dates: May, 2014

Simonton therapy for cancer patients and their relatives

Speaker: Mariusz Wirga Implementing Organization: Institute of Oncology of Vilnius University (Vilnius, Lithuania) Project Dates: May, 2014

A Film Affair to Remember – AFAR: Master classes with master DOP Daniel Pearl

Speaker: Daniel Pearl Implementing Organization: Vilnius Film Cluster (Vilnius, Lithuania) Project Dates: May, 2014

Women in Leadership

Speaker: Allyson McDonald Implementing Organization: American Chamber of Commerce Estonia (Tallinn, Estonia) Project Dates: Summer 2014


Saules Suns

International Baltic Mantrailing Seminar Date: October 24-27, 2013, Riga The seminar was instructed by leading instructors of International Bloodhound Training Institute (INBTI): Kevin Kohn Kocher – INBTI president and author of the mantrailing method Sgt. Chris Boyd – INBTI instructor, City of Madison, WI Police Department K-9 supervisor Lyubov Koshevaya (INBTI Instructor, K9 instructor of Nadeya Rescue Team   Mantrailing Seminar - group photo

Fifty-six people participated in the seminar of whom 16 were accompanied by their K-9 partners. There were representatives of :

  • Latvian State Police K-9 unit
  • Latvian State Police Scent Identification (forensic) unit
  • Latvian State Police College
  • Latvian Border Guard College
  • Lithuanian State Police
  • Lithuanian Military Police
  • Lithuanian Police
  • Lithuanian Police Forensic Science Centre
  • Lithuanian Public Security Service
  • Lithuanian State Border Guard Service
  • The Customs Office of the Republic of Lithuania
  • Police and Border Guard Office of Law Enforcement Bureau of Estonia
  • Federal Customs Service of Russia, Russian Customs Academy

Also the representatives of Latvian Customs Office Alberts Cipustanovs and Ginta Podzina visited one of our seminar’s theoretical meetings as guests.

Latvian Radio

Journalism Today: Baltic-American Best Practice Exchange Seminar Date: July 25-27, 2013


On July 25, Holly Kernan, News Director at San Francisco public radio station KALW, participated in a professional exchange with Latvian Radio journalists in small groups and interviews for two Latvian Radio channels and a working lunch with a Latvian Radio BOD member and a the press attache of the U.S. Embassy in Riga. The main seminar held on July 26 was attended by 46 applicants, which exceeded original audience forecasts. Participants included media professionals vrom various radio, television, and Internet outlets, as well as journalism students from three Latvian universities. The seminar covered current trends in U.S. media, including audio stories to illustrate, and lively discussion. The session continued on July 27 for a small group, focusing on radio journalism techniques and creative approaches. View entire report (PDF)

Music Academy, Vytautas Magnus University

Date: November 25-20, 2013 Location: Kaunas

Music Academy

The first Baltic-American Dialogue program in Lithuania was signed with the Music Academy of the Vytautas Magnus University in Kaunas. The Music Academy invited Julliard professor Julian Martin to participate in the project “VMU and Julliard Study Week” and to conduct an intense piano master course for the students of Lithuanian and other Baltic States students.

Contemporary Art Centre Chris Sharp Placement Visit

Date: August 14-21, 2013 Location: Riga

Art Center

Chris Sharp’s visit was organized as an intensive program of studio visits, meetings with arts and culture institution representatives, exhibition and museum visits, as well as a research trip to Tallinn and a visit to Vilnius. While in Riga Chris Sharp had meetings and studio visits with following artists Miks Mitrēvics, Darja Meļņikova, Armands Zelčs, Kaspars Groševs, Ieva Kraule, Oļa Vasiļjeva, Edgars Gluhovs, Reinis Virtmanis and Laura Prikule. Chris Sharp also met with curator and art historian at The Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art (LMC/LCCA) Ieva Astahovska. This visit was followed by a meeting with curator and art critic Vilnis Vējš who presented his research material of pantomime and performances art in Latvia and Lithuania during 60s‐70s. Chris Sharp was very interested in this material and following this brief encounter. Both sides are working on the possibility to develop this material further. Continuing his research both in contemporary as well as art history in Latvia, Chris Sharp also visited numerous museums including Museum of Romands Suta and Aleksandra Belcova and Museum of Decorative Arts and Design, where he was overwhelmed by art works of graphic artist Sigismunds Vidbergs. During his visit Chris Sharp also attended new exhibition openings at kim Contemporary Art Centre, the exhibition opening of Ilmars Blumbergs, and had a meeting with the director of Totaldobze Art Centre, curator and artist Kaspars Lielgalvis.