Professional Internship Program


Professional Internship Program

Why Participate?

In today’s competitive global economy, international experience is a valuable addition to any résumé. Whether you are pursuing a career in financial services, IT, education, or information and media, you will have the opportunity to broaden your perspective on how to conduct business in the U.S., work closely with a mentor, and network.

The BAFF Professional Internship Program scholarship is all-inclusive, with scholarships up to $30,000 for up to yearlong programs in the U.S. Live and work in places as diverse as New York City, Washington D.C., Chicago, or San Diego!

The scholarship includes:

  • Internship placement at an exciting U.S. company
  • Round-trip airfare
  • Travel health insurance
  • J-1 visa sponsorship
  • Pre-departure orientation
  • BAFF Enrichment Trip
  • Monthly stipend to cover:
    • Accommodation
    • Personal expenses
    • Local transportation
  • Additional Benefits
    • 24/7 emergency support
    • Personalized support
    • No fees whatsoever

Perhaps the most valuable experi­ence of my life



Internship Placement

Build your résumé, experience a new culture, and broaden your perspective on how to conduct business in the U.S. The BAFF Professional Internship Program allows you to create your own career-defining success through hands-on learning at a U.S. company.

BAFF works with you individually. Once accepted, you’ll work in partnership with a professional to secure an internship in your field.

Enrichment Trips

For participants of the Professional Internship Program, BAFF organizes a business- or entrepreneurial-themed domestic enrichment trip. These trips add to your professional development by giving you a chance to learn about a topic through meetings with influential businesses, organizations, and business leaders as well as providing a networking opportunity that fosters strong alumni ties.

An added benefit is that participants also have the opportunity to learn about the diversity of the United States through the local regions and cultures. Trips have included Strategic Marketing (Las Vegas, NV), Financial Markets and Securities (New York, NY), Venture Capital (San Francisco, CA), Technology Transfer (Santa Fe, NM), Entrepreneurial Culture (New Orleans, LA), and other exciting topics and locations.

When Do Trips Occur?

Enrichment trips are arranged every fall / spring for each group of participants. In general, for participants arriving in the spring, the enrichment trip takes place in September or October. For participants arriving in the fall, it takes place in March or April.

While every effort is made to make the theme, travel dates, and itinerary available at the earliest date possible, the actual trip dates may not be finalized until about a month before the event because of a business’ availability and planning logistics.

Who Can Participate?

The Professional Internship Program is a competitive and prestigious scholarship for the next generation of  civic leaders.

The Program helps to find career-related professionally focused internships in the United States of America in business, education, social work, architecture, human rights, journalism and many other fields. The scholarship is meant for talented people who want to gain valuable professional experience overseas, enhance the resume and deepen their knowledge of different culture.


Program Eligibility

Applicants to the Professional Internship Program must:

  • Hold a passport from Estonia, Latvia, or Lithuania
  • Be enrolled at an accredited post-secondary university and in the final year (academic program/course of study must be at least 3 years in duration and result in some form of degree)
    • OR have graduated within six months of the application deadline
    • OR be enrolled on a full-time basis at an accredited postgraduate university (for example, a master’s or Ph.D. program)
  • Have written and oral English language proficiency sufficient to function in a business setting
  • Not have immediate family members that are BAFF employees, BAFF Advisory Board or Board of Directors members
  • Agree to return to your home country for a minimum of two years, immediately post-scholarship

Desirable Experiences

Applicants will be selected based on, but not limited to, the following criteria:

  • Potential future contribution to home country
  • Matching professional objectives to the values and mission of BAFF
  • At least 6 months relevant professional experience before applying
  • Ability to serve as a cultural ambassador to the U.S.
  • Demonstrate leadership and self-motivation

Dates & Deadlines

Applications accepted twice per year. BAFF Interns typically travel to the U.S. within six months of applying.

Spring Internships

Application Deadline

October 30

All application materials must be received by the application deadline.

Decision Notification

December 20

Shortlisted applicants will be invited to in‑person interviews before the decision notification date.

Internships Begin

April 1 - July 1

Internships typically begin within this period.

Fall Internships

Application Deadline

April 2

All application materials must be received by the application deadline.

Decision Notification

June 1

Shortlisted applicants will be invited to in-person interviews before the decision notification date.

Internships Begin

October 1 - January 1

Internships typically begin within this period.



Thank you for your interest in applying to the Baltic-American Freedom Foundation (BAFF) Professional Internship Program. The following checklist will help you gather documents needed to complete your application. You must complete the application in its entirety and submit all required documents by the published deadline.

If you have questions while you are working on your application, please see the application overview page and/or contact us:

  • Application: download form here, complete it, and save it (PDF)
  • Personal Statement (PDF)
    Your Personal Statement should provide an insight of you as a person and as a potential BAFF Professional Internship Program participant. It should be no more than 1,200 words and should:

    • Describe your career goals, explain your area(s) of professional interest and why these particular areas are of interest to you.
    • Describe what professional experience you already have.
    • Explain how your participation will help fulfill your future career goals and how your participation will contribute to your home country or the Baltic States region.
  • CV or Résumé (PDF)
  • Copy of University Transcript(s) and Diploma(s) (PDF or JPG). If you have not received your Diploma yet, please submit a Copy of University Transcript with final grades of last semester.
  • Proof of English Proficiency (PDF)
    Possible options include, but are not limited to:

    • TOEFL
    • GRE/GMAT
    • IELTS
    • Cambridge University advanced test results
    • Letter of recommendation from a university teacher indicating your English Proficiency level
  • Academic Recommendation Letter (PDF)
  • Professional Recommendation Letter (PDF)
    Academic and Professional Recommendation Letters should be written in or translated into English and discuss the following issues:

    • Nature of the relationship with the applicant
    • Assessment of the applicant’s character, abilities, strengths, and weaknesses
    • Assessment of English-language communication skills
    • Appropriateness of internship/practical training to the applicant’s career and future goals


For all application questions, please contact:

Two-Year Home Country Physical Presence (Residency) Requirement

Read Carefully!

Upon completion of the BAFF program, scholarship recipients are required to return to, and to reside in, their country of permanent residency for a minimum of two years, and are not permitted to stay or attempt to stay in the U.S. or any other foreign country, including to work, pursue work, or study.

Short-term visits, up to a maximum of 14 days, to foreign countries for the primary purpose of tourism or short-term business are allowed. Visits longer than 14 days must be reported to BAFF local representatives before the start of the visit.

Total length of visits of both types, tourism and business trips, cannot exceed 90 days per calendar year.

The residency requirement constitutes a moral obligation that relates to the foundational aim of BAFF to promote business and social development in the Baltic states through investment in human capital. Applicants must agree to uphold the two-year residency requirement as a precondition for applying. If participants do not meet this requirement, the entire scholarship award becomes a debt owed to BAFF and the participant is required to refund all scholarship monies as well as any and all collection expenses, including, but not limited to, legal expenses. Because the residency requirement is at the foundational aim of BAFF, the Foundation and its designees are under no obligation to consider deferment of this requirement.