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Visiting Sea Dogs: In the Words of LA participant, Brita Tonisson

On Thursday, we had a chance to meet the Sea Dogs Vice President, Chris, and Assistant Ticket Office Manager, Allison. They gave us a tour around the stadium and answered all the questions we had about Sea Dogs. It was a great experience. Later on, we went to a picnic area and sat down. Program instructors divided us into groups of ten, and they explained to us that Sea Dogs has a problem that we need to solve. When Chris talked about what they do, it seemed like everything is amazing. Then Chris told us that Sea Dogs have a lot of visitors, but the stadium needs more millennial ticket buyers, so this is the problem that we were asked to work on. Afterwards, when we took a better look on their social media accounts, we found quite a lot of concerns. At 12pm, we headed back to SMCC, had lunch and continued the research, and started to create surveys for collecting data. Luckily, on Friday at 7PM we are going to attend the baseball game, I am sure this will give us even more inspiration!


Written by Brita Tonisson